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  • How to Get Verified on Twitter (If I can do it, you can too!)

    Have you ever felt like a celebrity on social media? I’ve had a moment or two when someone I really like or admire reshares a post of mine, or when people from across the world happen to come across my content and like or follow. Social media has that unique ability to take non-celebs like me and thrust us into the spotlight every now and then. Well now Twitter’s gone one step further.

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  • We Didn’t Know How to Promote a Podcast. So Here’s All We Learned

    Before we launched our Buffer podcast, so much of our time and energy (99.9% of it, I’d wager!) was spent getting the sounds and feel just right. We did all the podcast things we were supposed to do in order to make a really great podcast — the interviews, the mixing, the uploading — and now that the time had come to press publish … … we needed a plan to promote the podcast.

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  • How to Manage 60 Social Profiles – and Drive More Traffic and Sales to Each

    I often think I have a lot to do with managing my own social profiles. But managing 60? (mind blown) The team at Creative Click Media manages 60 social profiles for their clients, driving big results in traffic, leads, and sales with their team of three. How do they pull it off? Adam and Amanda from Creative Click were kind to share their workflows and processes for driving ...

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  • How This Digital Agency Drives Revenue from Social Media (and How You Can Too)

    You might’ve heard the advice that your call-to-action should have one job, your email subject line one job, your blog post one job. Focus, with online marketing, is key. Turns out focus has a wonderful effect on building a business and driving results. Gather Social, a digital agency based in Nottingham, UK, takes this focused approach with every new client they bring on.

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  • The Top 100 Blogs to Curate for Social Media Power Users

    Looking for some fresh content to curate and share on social media? It’s out there — in spades! Almost too many spades, right? With so many blogs to choose from, the challenge can sometimes flip from finding content to share to choosing which content to share. We’d love to help. At Buffer, we’re lucky to have some data on the most popular blogs that are read, loved, and sha ...

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