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  • What You Need to Know About Optimizing Content for Voice Search

    Thanks to the emergence of technologies such as mobile personal assistants, Amazon Echo, Google Home, Cortana, and others, there’s no doubt that voice search is on the rise. These days, consumers can send text messages while driving or use a mobile personal assistant to complete simple actions. In fact, Gartner predicts that about 30% of searches will be conducted without a screen by 2020.

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  • Create Ranking Content by Conquering Competitive Keywords

    Content marketing and SEO have become more challenging over the last couple years. But why? SEO has become more data driven to help search marketers prioritize what keywords they should be targeting and how to setup a proper strategy. Additionally, the increase in digital competition and investment from companies has had a significant impact.

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  • 3 Reasons You’re Not Getting the SEO Budget You Need to Be Successful

    I have heard digital marketers say that Search Engine Optimization is “free” traffic. I want to help set the record straight by letting you know that SEO is not “free.” Budgets are still needed to write content and have a SEO consultant work on a website. There have been multiple times in my career that I needed to create a compelling argument for more budget for an SEO campaign.

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  • Is Keyword Cannibalization Hurting your SEO Performance?

    Keyword cannibalization is a common issue that applies to all types of websites. To make matters worse, some marketers are not aware that their website might be facing a keyword cannibalization issue. Instead, marketers often look at a website on a page-by-page basis instead of the whole website when it comes to targeting keywords.

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  • Does Your Website Pass the Mobile Test?

    It is hard to argue that the adoption of mobile devices hasn’t exploded with popularity. Most searches are being performed on mobile devices, with more searches expected to continue on mobile. Mobile is not only important for organic performance but for conversions from all types of traffic including email and paid channels.

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  • Artificial Intelligence is Here: 5 Brands Implementing AI

    To most people, artificial intelligence (AI) is represented in terms of robots with human-like similarities. Today’s reality is that of AI powering technologies and driving companies to complete tasks and make things easier. Companies are using AI more than ever, even for tasks that you may not consider.

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  • How to Become a Better Search Marketer with Effective Communication

    Our job as search marketers is to provide the best results for our clients (both internally and externally). In order to provide the best results, we need to effectively communicate the value of everything we do. An effective communicator will be able to show the value of a search strategy/tactic to get the most out of a program for all parties included.

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  • Understanding the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on SEO

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning sound like concepts from the future. In reality, it has been used by search engines for a decent amount of time now. Most people have probably heard of Google’s RankBrain by now, but if not, RankBrain is a machine learning artificial intelligence system.

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  • 21 Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Tools to Increase Your ROI

    Today’s savvy marketers have moved beyond just collecting website analytics, and are instead focusing on how to inspire customers to take action based on their digital marketing. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is essential for any marketer and proper CRO is how you will make your marketing as actionable as possible for your customers.

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  • SEO Cheat Sheet for Better Content Marketing

    It is our job as marketers to provide our customers with quality experiences. One way we can provide a quality experience is by implementing a customer focused content marketing program. Content marketing comes in all shapes and sizes, including blog posts, infographics, email, podcasts, and many other content types. Every online channel provides a unique way for us to reach our audience.

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