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  • The Transformation of Emails: From Simple to Sophisticated

    Remember how we used to communicate to our near and dear ones through email? Before Facebook or WhatsApp, around 20 years ago? Well, emails have indeed come a long way. In the present time, emails are now also used as a sophisticated marketing tool by businesses. That has been the fuel of the transformation of emails. Let’s step back in time to understand how emails came into being.

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  • Prepping for an Email Lifecycle – From a Seed to a Fruit-Bearing Tree

    Beauty is not a trait in things done with haste. What looks like a beautiful structure is a result of series of bricks painstakingly placed together to create the magic. Moreover, once completed, the structure requires constant touch-up or maintenance to sustain the beauty for a long run. The same applies with email marketing world too.

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  • Video In Emails – Taking Interactivity To The Next Level

    Video in emails has been the forbidden fruit amongst email marketers since the past decade. Even though 81% of marketers wish to implement video in their future emails, only 23% are inclined to do so. Even though most email clients wanted to be associated with it in 2013; but now with Google backing out, only Apple Mail supports embedded video in emails.

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