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  • A Few Words On Thought Leadership In Digital Marketing

    October 7, 2016 Editor’s Note: Former Hanapin Marketing Account Manager, Kevin Klein, guest posts on the blog today with a response to an article we recently published. You can connect with Kevin on LinkedIn here. I’ve been friends with the peerless Managing Editor of this blog, Matt Umbro, for quite some time now.

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  • One Excel Trick To Nail Your Budget Projections

    As a PPC account manager, the most critical eye— Sauron’s eye— is often cast on your ability to analyze and optimize; to study data and extract actionable insights that make the top line metrics like cost per click, cost per acquisition, or return on ad spend, trend towards a marketing goal. With these types of demands, and the pressure that comes in tandem, it can be easy ...

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  • The Greatest PPC Excel Function You’ve Never Heard Of

    A little while ago, I wrote about the importance of understanding the difference between causation and correlation, and how the failure to do so could potentially be problematic for the management of your PPC accounts. Sometimes when having the causation versus correlation conversation, the erroneous takeaway is this: correlating relationships are not actionable, causal re ...

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  • Forget Quick-Wins! Build Towards and Then Sustain Great Performance!

    In an industry where success is often defined by “quick wins” and other idioms for capitalizing on what we perceive to be egregious in-account oversights, it can be easy to forget that there’s another (more reliable) way to achieve performance growth: A Systematic and Sustained Maintenance of the Account With the Super Bowl match-up set (much to the joy of our peerless editor, Matt Umbro, I.

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  • How To Find Out If It’s Seasonality Or Something Else

    The holiday season has a reputation for housing much joy. Roaring fires, turkeys or hams roasting in the oven, the company of loved ones, and whatever comforting liquid with which you prefer to fill your glass. It’s all very idyllic, to the point where it’s been immortalized in song as “the most wonderful time of the year.

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  • Conversion Tracking is the Hermione Granger of PPC

    Let’s take a minute and talk about conversion tracking— the process that, you know, lets you know when your PPC campaigns are successful, and when they are not. Pretty important stuff, yeah? But rather than take the notion of “conversion tracking is important” at face value, perhaps a high-level explanation of why is in order.

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  • So, What Exactly Is Search Engine Marketing?

    If you ever find yourself wondering, “what exactly is search engine marketing”, take a step back, and think about the words themselves. It’s no misnomer. Search engine marketing is marketing on a search engine. There. Now we’ve covered the obvious. Wasn’t that helpful? No?! Why not? Because while none of the above is untrue, neither does it encompass the entire truth.

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  • Introducing the Stockton Report: Find Keywords with Hidden Value

    PPC Hero series week wraps up today as Kevin looks at how to find keywords with hidden value. Take a look at all report focused posts this week, including Carrie’s take on location extensions, Jacob’s assessment of the destination URL report, Kayla’s look at how to use client service reports to improve retention, and Rachael’s insight into two key Analytics reports.

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  • Hey Marketers! Don’t Forget to Advertise to Human Beings.

    Residing in a professional landscape comprised of spreadsheets, tables, grids, charts, graphs, formulas, metrics, and all other manner of impersonalized measurement, it’s very easy to forget who we’re doing it all for. Human beings. It sounds a bit dramatic— and on some level perhaps it is— but the humanity of our audiences gets stripped away.

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  • Bing Ads Reveals Accounts Summary Feature

    Ask and you shall receive! If you work for an agency, you’re probably familiar with AdWords’ My Client Center (MCC) feature. Bing Ads is now providing this same convenience— called Accounts Summary— allowing advertisers the functionality to toggle between as many as 2,000 accounts. If you manage multiple accounts on Bing, the Accounts Summary page will be viewable upon sign-in.

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  • How To Run PPC Accounts in the Cutthroat Healthcare Vertical

    Series week continues as we assess PPC management across different industries. Yesterday Rachael covered PPC for the IT and Technology industry. Today, Kevin covers the healthcare industry, and specifically business-to-business. One of the unique components of the healthcare industry, is that it’s one of the responsibilities of our (at least for American readers) Federal Go ...

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  • These 3 Ethical Advertising Notions are Archaic

    As marketers, we harbor a distinct relationship with the science of human behavior, which is to say we aim to control it. If that sounds overstated, or simply too dramatic, it’s because notions of mind-control, thought guidance, brainwashing— however you want to characterize it— are sinister. There’s nothing so blatantly evil in advertising.

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  • Show Don’t Tell: High-Impact PPC Storytelling

    Wanna know what’s better than delivering good news to a client? Squeezing every last drop of impact out of that delivery. Easier said than done, right? Well, not really. The secret is context. And you present this context by showing instead of telling. So what does this mean exactly? Show not tell is the mantra of good storytelling.

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