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  • Cops tell Nominet to yank 16,000 domains, Nominet complies

    Nominet suspended over 16,000 .uk domain names at the request of law enforcement agencies in the last year. The registry yanked 16,632 domains in the 12 months to October 31, more than double the 8,049 it suspended in the year-earlier period. The 2016 number was in turn more than double the 2015 number.

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  • Kickstarter launches Patreon rival on .RIP domain hack

    They’re deadly serious. Crowdfunding service Kickstarter has relaunched its Drip subscriptions service on a .rip domain. It’s a domain hack using a single-character domain: It’s actually a case of a migration away from a .com domain, which is not something you see every day from a major online brand.

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  • Even post-Weinstein, no sexual harassment complaints at ICANN

    There have been no formal complaints of sexual harassment in the ICANN community since the organization introduced a zero tolerance policy back in March, according to the Ombudsman. That’s even after the current media storm about such behavior, precipitated by the revelations about movie producer Harvey Weinstein, which has given men and women in many industries the confiden ...

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  • Radix claims 77% renewal rates after two years

    New gTLD registry Radix says that three of its larger TLDs have seen a 77% renewal rate two years after launch. The company said today that .online had 75% renewals, with .tech at 78% and .site at 81%. It appears to have carved out these three from its portfolio for attention, ignoring the rest of its portfolio, because they all went to general availability in the same two ...

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  • Amazon and Google to fight over .kids at auction

    Amazon, Google and a third applicant are scheduled to fight for control of the new gTLDs .kid or .kids at auction. It’s the first ICANN gTLD auction to be scheduled since a Verisign puppet paid $135 million for .web in July 2016. According to ICANN documentation, .kid and .kids will go to auction January 25, 2018.

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  • ICANN chief tells industry to lawyer up as privacy law looms

    The domain name industry should not rely on ICANN to protect it from incoming EU privacy law. That’s the strong message that came out of ICANN 60 in Abu Dhabi last week, with the organization’s CEO repeatedly advising companies to seek their own legal advice on compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

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  • Up to 20 million people could get broken internet in domain security rollover

    Twenty million people losing access to parts of the internet is considered an acceptable level of collateral damage for ICANN’s forthcoming DNS root security update. That’s one of a number of facts and figures to emerge from recent updates from the organization, explaining its decision to delay the so-called “KSK rollover” from October 11 to some time in the first quarter next year.

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  • 59,000% revenue growth at Donuts leads to Deloitte award

    Deloitte has placed new gTLD registry Donuts at the top of its 2017 Technology Fast 500, a league table of the fastest-growing North American technology firms. Donuts won by growing its revenue by 59,093% over three years. Given that Donuts didn’t have its first revenue-generating gTLD delegated until the final quarter of 2013, the three-year judging period basically covers ...

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  • CentralNic and .CLUB reveal premium sales

    CentralNic and .CLUB Domains have both revealed sales of premium domain names over the last several days. CentralNic said yesterday that it has sold “a number” of premiums for $3.4 million. The names are believed to be from its own portfolio, rather than registry-reserved names in any of the TLDs it manages. The company did not disclose which names, in which TLDs, it had sold.

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  • XYZ relaunches .storage with $2,200 price tag has reopened .storage to registrations with a new, much higher price tag. A confusingly named “Trademark Holder Landrush” started yesterday and will run for three weeks. It’s not a sunrise period — .storage already had its ICANN-mandated sunrise under its previous management — and it appears that it’s not actually restricted to trademark holders. The .

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  • Corwin joins Verisign

    Phil Corwin, the face of the Internet Commerce Association for over a decade, today quit to join Verisign’s legal team. He’s now “policy counsel” at the .com giant, he said in a statement emailed to industry bloggers. He’s also closed down the consulting company Virtualaw, resigned from ICANN’s Business Constituency and from his BC seat on the GNSO Council.

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  • ICANN terminates 450 drop-catch registrars

    Almost 450 registrars have lost their ICANN accreditations in recent days, fulfilling predictions of a downturn in the domain name drop-catch market. By my reckoning, 448 registrars have been terminated in the last week, all of them apparently shells operated by Pheenix, one of the big three drop-catching firms.

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  • ICANN heading back to Morocco in 2019

    ICANN has picked Morocco for its mid-year meeting in 2019. The June 24-27 meeting, ICANN 65, will be hosted by the Mediterranean Federation of Internet Associations at the Palmeraie Resort in Marrakech. That’s the same venue as ICANN 55 in March 2016. It’s a Policy Forum meeting, meaning it has an abridged agenda, an expected lower attendance, and a tighter focus on policy ...

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  • Refund “options” for in-limbo gTLD applicants?

    ICANN may just be a matter of weeks away from giving applicants for the .mail, .corp and .home gTLDs an exit strategy from their four years in limbo. Its board of directors on Thursday passed a resolution calling for staff to “provide options for the Board to consider to address the New gTLD Program applications for .CORP, .HOME, and .

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  • Concern as ICANN shuts down “independent” security review

    Just a year after gaining its independence from the US government, ICANN has come under scrutiny over concerns that its board of directors may have overstepped its powers. The board has come in for criticism from almost everyone expressing an opinion at the ICANN 60 meeting in Abu Dhabi this week, after it temporarily suspended a supposedly independent security review.

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  • Egyptian elected new GAC chair

    Manal Ismail, Egypt’s representative to ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee, has been elected its new chair. She will replace outgoing chair Thomas Schneider, a Swiss official, after the current ICANN 60 public meeting in Abu Dhabi wraps up later this week. Ismail is director of international technical coordination at Egypt’s National Telecom Regulatory Authority, NTRA.

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  • “We own your name” government tells Amazon in explosive slapdown

    Amazon suffered a blistering attack from South American governments over its controversial .amazon gTLD applications this weekend. A Peruvian official today excoriated Amazon’s latest peace offering, telling the tech giant in no uncertain terms that the word “Amazon” is not its property and demanding an apology for the company’s alleged behavior during recent legal proceedings.

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  • Verisign and Afilias testing Whois killer

    Verisign and Afilias have become the first two gTLD registries to start publicly testing a replacement for Whois. Both companies have this week started piloting implementations of RDAP, the Registration Data Access Protocol, which is expected to usurp the decades-old Whois protocol before long. Both pilots are in their very early stages and designed for a technical audience ...

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  • Aussie govt probes .au amid member revolt

    The Australian government has announced a review of local ccTLD .au, to see whether its current oversight by auDA is “fit for purpose”. The review was announced last week, not too many weeks after a member revolt resulted in the ouster of auDA’s chairman and a number of significant policy U-turns.

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