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  • Three ways ICANN could gut Whois

    ICANN has published three possible models of how Whois could be altered beyond recognition after European privacy law kicks in this May. Under each model, casual Whois users would no longer have access to the wealth of contact information they do under the current system. There may also be a new certification program that would grant access to full Whois records to law enfo ...

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  • Ramchandani promoted to Radix CEO

    New gTLD registry Radix has appointed long-time business head Sandeep Ramchandani as CEO. He’s replacing Bhavin Turakhia, who is CEO of parent company Directi and executive chairman of Radix. Ramchandani had a lot of autonomy as business head and VP of the company and, in my view, has been basically CEO in all but name for years.

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  • Big changes at DomainTools as privacy law looms

    Regular users of DomainTools should expect significant changes to their service, possibly unwelcome, as the impact of incoming European Union privacy law begins to be felt. Professional users such as domain investors are most likely to be impacted by the changes. The company hopes to announce how its services will be rejiggered to comply with the General Data Protection Reg ...

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  • Bezsonoff replaces Kaine at Neustar

    .CO Internet alum Nicolai Bezsonoff has replaced Sean Kaine as head of Neustar’s domain name business. Neustar today announced that Bezsonoff has been appointed VP and general manager of the Registry Solutions business. That’s Kaine’s old job. I hear he’s leaving the company of his own volition, but I don’t know where he’s going. Bezsonoff was in a ...

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  • Active new gTLD domains drop below 20 million

    The number of domain names recorded in new gTLD zone files has dipped below 20 million for the first time in 18 months. The total crossed the milestone in the wrong direction January 1, according to DI’s records. As of today, there are 19.8 million domains in zone files, down from a peak of 26 million in March 2017.

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  • .web closer to reality as antitrust probe ends

    Verisign has been given the all-clear by the US government to go ahead and run the new gTLD .web, despite competition concerns. The Department of Justice told the company yesterday that the antitrust investigation it launched almost exactly a year ago is now “closed”. Verisign’s secret proxy in the 2016 auction, the original .

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  • Afilias takes over back-end for Puerto Rico

    Afilias has won the back-end contract for Puerto Rico’s ccTLD, .pr. The registry services provider took over DNS for the zone last month and the final handover of the registration system happened at the weekend. .pr is a small TLD, under 10,000 names, run by local firm Gauss Research Laboratories. It also tries to market itself as a destination for public relations companies overseas.

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  • CentralNic spends $3.3 million on .com portfolios

    CentralNic has splashed out £2.5 million ($3.3 million) to bolster its portfolio of domain names for the secondary market. The company said in a brief statement today that it acquired an unspecified number of domains across “a number of portfolios”. The sellers were not disclosed. The names were all in .com.

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  • SpamHaus ranks most-botted TLDs and registrars

    NameCheap and Uniregistry have emerged as two of the most-abused domain name companies, using statistics on botnet command and control centers released by SpamHaus this week. SpamHaus data shows that over a quarter of all botnet C&Cs found during the year were using NameCheap as their registrar. It also shows that almost 1% of domains registered in Uniregistry’s .

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  • Namecheap to bring millions of domains in-house next week

    Namecheap is finally bringing its customer base over to its own ICANN accreditation. The registrar will next week accept transfer of an estimated 3.2 million .com and .net domains from Enom, following a court ruling forcing Enom owner Tucows to let go of the names. The migration will happen from January 8 to January 12, Namecheap said in a blog post today.

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  • Get a free ticket to NamesCon here

    NamesCon, the annual domain name industry conference, runs in Las Vegas at the end of the month, and DI has five free tickets to give away to readers. The catch: only people who have never been to NamesCon before are eligible. It’s a strictly n00bs-only giveaway. NamesCon starts January 27 and runs for three days at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas.

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  • New gTLD to increase prices 10x, add blockchain voting service

    The new gTLD .voting is to suffer a steep price increase as its registry bakes a new “e-voting solution” into its offering. Valuetainment, the Germany-based registry, informed registrars of its decision recently. While I don’t know the exact figures involved, it appears the annual wholesale cost of a .voting domain will rise more than tenfold. Currently, the retail price of a .

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  • Aussie registrar guilty of $6 million slamming campaign

    Domain seller Domain Register Pty Ltd has reportedly been found guilty of scamming thousands of Australians out of a total of $6 million with bogus domain renewal notices. The Herald Sun reports today that a Federal court ruled that the company’s sales tactics were “misleading or deceptive, or likely to mislead or deceive in breach of state and federal laws”.

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  • How ICANN could spend its $240 million war chest

    Schools, pHD students and standards groups could be among the beneficiaries of ICANN’s nearly quarter-billion-dollar new gTLD auction war chest. But new gTLD registries hoping for to dip into the fund for marketing support are probably shit out of luck. Those are among the preliminary conclusions of a volunteer working group that has been looking at how ICANN should spend i ...

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  • .music and .gay possible in 2018 after probe finds no impropriety

    Five more new gTLDs could see the light of day in 2018 after a probe into ICANN’s handling of “community” applications found no wrongdoing. The long-running investigation, carried out by FTI Consulting on ICANN’s behalf, found no evidence to support suspicions that ICANN staff had been secretly and inappropriately pulling the strings of Community Priority Evaluations.

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  • How Whois could survive new EU privacy law

    Reports of the death of Whois may have been greatly exaggerated. Lawyers for ICANN reckon the current public system “could continue to exist in some form” after new European Union privacy laws kick in next May, according to advice published (hurriedly, judging by the typos towards the end) shortly before Christmas.

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  • Berkens sues Twitter over hacked account

    Blogger and high-profile domain investor Mike Berkens of has sued Twitter for allowing his account to be hacked and failing to rectify the problem. As industry Twitter users will no doubt already be aware, Berkens’ account @thedomains came under the control of an unknown hacker on Friday last week.

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  • Famous Four bosses gave “forged documents” to court

    The leaders of Famous Four Media produced “forged documents” during a lawsuit filed by the company’s former chief operating officer, according to Gibraltar’s top judge. The new gTLD registry’s chairman and CEO were both, along with four other unidentified former employees, involved to some degree in “forging” invoices to an affiliated registrar and/or documents relating to a ...

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  • .mail, .home, .corp hopefuls could get exit plan in January

    The twenty remaining applicants for the gTLDs .corp, .home and .mail could get the option to bow out with a full refund as early as January. The ICANN board of directors earlier this month discussed several options for how to treat the in-limbo applications, one of which was a refund. According to minutes of its December 13 meeting: Staff outlined some potential options for ...

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