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  • .xyz back on sale in China

    Chinese registrars have started to carry .xyz domains again, about five months after a Chinese government ban. and are two of the China-based companies that appear to be selling .xyz names at the yuan equivalent of a US dollar, based on a spot check this morning. flagged the “restoration” of service on its blog today, saying it was “overjoyed” to resume sales. XYZ.

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  • Uniregistry: sales prices down for “first time ever”

    Uniregistry today said that it sold $29 million of domain names through its Uniregistry Market platform so far this year. But the company said that average sales prices dipped for the “first time ever” over the period. The 3,617 names it sold in the first eight months of the year went for on average $8,017 per domain, compared to $9,110 in the same 2016 period.

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  • Okay, pedants, only 36% of new gTLDs are shrinking

    Thirty-six percent of non-brand new gTLDs are shrinking, DI analysis shows. According to numbers culled from zone files, 156 of the 435 commercial gTLDs we looked at had fewer domains yesterday than they did a year earlier. You: Wait, Kev, didn’t you write this exact same story yesterday, but said that 40% of new gTLDs were shrinking? Why are you now saying it’s 36%? Me: P ...

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  • L’Oreal is using “closed generic” .makeup in an interesting way

    What do you call a registry that defensively registers names on behalf of the very people that would be its most likely customers if the TLD weren’t so hideously overpriced? L’Oreal, apparently. About half of its .makeup new gTLD comprises the names or nicknames of social media “influencers” in the make-up scene, and they all seem to belong to the registry.

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  • Four in 10 new gTLDs are shrinking

    Forty percent of non-brand new gTLDs are shrinking, DI analysis shows. According to numbers culled from registry reports, 172 of the 436 commercial gTLDs we looked at had fewer domains under management at the start of June than they did a year earlier. On the bright side, that means the majority of them are still growing, but it’s still a pretty poor showing.

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  • Domain growth flat in Q2

    Growth in the volume of registered domain names was exactly the same in the second quarter as it was in the first. That’s according to the latest Domain Name Industry Brief, published by Verisign late last week. Q2 closed with 331.9 million registered names, up 1.3 million or 0.4% sequentially. The Q1 DNIB published three months ago also showed net growth of 1.3 million names.

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  • Another ccTLD plays down the “com”

    Another ccTLD operator has decided to allow registrants to register domains at the second level. Following a trend that has swept the country-code world over the last few years, Malta’s NIC (Malta) said direct .mt registrations will become available December 1. Previously, only third-level regs under,,, and we possible.

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  • Will ICANN punt on .amazon again?

    Amazon is piling pressure onto ICANN to finally approve its five-year-old gTLD applications for .amazon, but it seems to me the e-commerce giant will have a while to wait yet. The company sent a letter to ICANN leadership this week calling on it to act quickly on the July ruling of an Independent Review Process panel that found ICANN had breached its own bylaws when it rejected the .

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  • MMX sells 7,000 domains for $3.4 million

    New gTLD registry MMX said it has sold $3.4 million in “premium” .vip domains names to Chinese domainers in the last few months. In what is believed to be a small numbers of deals to a limited number of corporate investors, “over 7,000” domains changed hands since they became available in late June. MMX said that $2.8 million of the deals closed in the last 10 days.

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  • .CLUB HQ trashed by Irma, nobody hurt

    .CLUB Domains returned to its new digs in Fort Lauderdale, Florida yesterday to find the building trashed by hurricane Irma. Fortunately, none of the .club gTLD registry’s 17 employees were hurt during Irma, the category 5 hurricane which lashed Florida over the weekend. Irma caused at least 10 reported deaths in the state and untold amounts of property damage.

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  • XYZ slashes $10 million a year from premium stash has slashed the asking price of a few thousand “premium” .xyz domain names, in some cases by many thousands of dollars. Overall, it looks like the company has dropped prices by a total of $10.8 million. At the top end of its reserved list, several single and double-character domains previously priced a $55,000 per year have been reduced to $13,000 per year.

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  • CentralNic extends XYZ deal until 2032

    CentralNic and have extended their registry services pact for the next fifteen years, according to CentralNic. Announcing its first-half 2017 financial results today, CentralNic said the back-end contract has been extended until 2032. It’s an unusually long duration for a registry services contract, which are usually much more likely to run about five years.

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  • Pilot program for Whois killer launches

    ICANN is to oversee a set of pilot programs for RDAP, the protocol expected to eventually replace Whois. Registration Data Access Protocol, an IETF standard since 2015, fills the same function as Whois, but it is more structured and enables access control rules. ICANN said this week that it has launched the pilot in response to a request last month from the Registries Stake ...

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  • Hammock swings from Rightside to MarkMonitor

    Statton Hammock has joined brand protection registrar MarkMonitor as its new vice president of global policy and industry development. He was most recently VP of business and legal affairs at Rightside, the portfolio gTLD registry that got acquired by Donuts in July. He spent four years there. The new gig sounds like a bro ...

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  • Registry bosses to talk ICANN “tax cuts” at private meeting

    The CEOs of 20 or more gTLD registries are due to meet privately this month to discuss, among other things, the possibility of a reduction in their ICANN fees. The Registry CEO Summit is being held in Seattle at the end of September, I’m told. Jay Westerdal of Top Level Spectrum (.feedback etc) and Ray King of Top Level Design (.design etc) are organizing the event.

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  • Another auDA director quit in secret

    Australian ccTLD registry auDA, in the midst of a transparency controversy, reportedly lost another of its directors last month. According to a report in Australia’s Financial Review newspaper, Leonie Walsh stepped down August 14. The paper cited Australian Securities and Investments Commission documents as its source.

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  • Deutsch and Doria to join ICANN board

    Veteran ICANN community members Avri Doria and Sarah Deutsch are to join ICANN’s board of directors in November. Both have been selected by ICANN’s Nominating Committee to serve three-year terms starting at the end of the public meeting in Abu Dhabi, which wraps up November 3. They replace current chair Steve Crocker, who is leaving after his maximum three terms on the boa ...

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