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  • New gTLD registries want a $17 million ICANN rebate

    Many gTLDs are performing more poorly than expected and their registries want some money back from ICANN to compensate. The Registries Stakeholder Group this week asked ICANN for a 75% credit on their quarterly fees, which they estimate would cost $16.875 million per year. The money would come from leftover new gTLD application fee money, currently stashed in an ICANN war c ...

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  • Hacker hostage crisis at ICANN secret key ceremony! (on TV)

    One of ICANN’s Seven Secret Key-Holders To The Internet got taken out as part of an elaborate heist or something on American TV this week. In tense scenes, a couple of secret agents or something with guns were forced to break into one of ICANN’s quarterly root zone key signing ceremonies to prevent a hacker or terrorist or something from something something, something something.

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  • DENIC approved as ICANN escrow agent

    German ccTLD registry DENIC has been given ICANN approval to provide data escrow services to registrars. It becomes the seventh company to receive this accreditation, the second in Europe after the UK’s NCC Group. The company said it signed its ICANN contract and first registrar, Global Village, at the ICANN meeting in Copenhagen last week.

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  • .feedback gTLD in breach of contract after big brand “fraud” claims

    ICANN has slapped .feedback operator Top Level Spectrum with a contract breach notice after a huge complaint about alleged fraud filed by a gang of big brands. The company becomes the third new gTLD to be hit by a breach notice, and the first to receive one as a result of losing a Public Interest Commitments Dispute Resolution Process case.

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  • Government anger over two-letter domains

    ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee has clashed with its board of directors over the lack of protections for two-letter domain names that match country codes. The board has now formally been urged to reconsider its policy to allow registries to sell these names, after angry comments and threats from some GAC members.

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  • Schilling expects GoDaddy to return after dumping Uniregistry gTLDs

    Uniregistry CEO Frank Schilling has expressed his “surprise” that GoDaddy has decided to stop selling his company’s gTLDs, but said he expects the registrar to return in future. GoDaddy’s decision to stop new registrations and inbound transfers for Uniregistry’s portfolio of gTLDs came after the registry revealed price increases for 16 strings that ranged from nominal to over 3,000%.

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  • In rare public session, ICANN approves sexual harassment policy

    ICANN’s board of directors this afternoon approved an anti-harassment policy designed to protect community members from unwanted sexual attention. It’s the policy inspired by the now infamous Cheesesandwichgate incident at the Marrakech meeting a year ago. But general counsel John Jeffrey noted that there have been multiple similar complaints to the Ombudsman over the last ...

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  • Schneider quits as chair of GAC

    ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee is looking for a new chair. Incumbent Thomas Schneider intends to leave the role before his current two-year term expires, he told GAC members assembled here at the ICANN 58 public meeting in Copenhagen this afternoon. Schneider said that his boss at the Swiss government agency at which he works recently retired and that he has been ...

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  • Papac named ICANN’s first complaints officer

    ICANN has named its first-ever complaints officer. It’s Krista Papac, a long-time domain industry participant who’s been working for ICANN, most recently as director of registry services and engagement, since 2013. She’s previously worked for the registries Verisign, ARI (now part of Neustar) and data escrow agent Iron Mountain.

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  • Schilling: big price increases needed to keep new gTLDs alive

    Uniregistry is to massively increase the price of some of its under-performing new gTLDs in an effort to keep them afloat. Sixteen TLDs from the company’s portfolio of 27 will see price increases of up to 3,000% starting September 8, CEO Frank Schilling confirmed to DI today. “We need more revenue from these strings, especially the low volume ones, without question,” he said.

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  • CentralNic says revenue more than doubled in 2016

    CentralNic’s revenue was up 110% in 2016, according to the company. The registry today released its unaudited results for last year, showing EBITDA up 65% at £5.5 million ($6.7 million) on revenue of £22.1 million ($26.9 million) The company, which has expanded into registrar services via acquisition in the last few years, said its recurring revenue — mainly domain registr ...

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  • How .com became a restricted TLD

    Verisign has been given approval to start restricting who can and cannot register .com and .net domain names in various countries. Customers of Chinese registrars are the first to be affected by the change to the registry’s back-end system, which was made last year. ICANN last week gave Verisign a “free to deploy” notice for a new “Verification Code Extension” system that e ...

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  • Nominet gets new chair

    Philip Corwin: With the proper insulation, one can touch the third rail and survive ;-)... read more Niu Tupu: Those responsible for ripping off Niue are here .nu was signed off in Alofi 1999 by Bill Se... read more Philip Corwin: To clarify, while I do view the specific DNA/PIR Copyright UDRP proposal as "pretty much dead" for the foreseeable futur...

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  • Verisign report deletes millions of domains from history

    Verisign has dramatically slashed its estimates for the number of domains in existence in its quarterly latest Domain Name Industry Brief reports, two of which were published this week. The headline number for the end of the fourth quarter is 329.3 million, a 0.7% increase sequentially and a 6.8% increase annually.

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  • Donuts took down 11 domains for Hollywood last year

    Donuts caused 11 domain names in its new gTLD portfolio to be taken down in the first 12 months of its deal with the US movie industry. The company disclosed yesterday that the Motion Picture Association of America requested the suspension of 12 domains under their bilateral “Trusted Notifier” agreement, which came into effect last February.

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  • Did Whois blow the lid off a leadership Labour coup, or is this just pig-fuckery?

    A British Member of Parliament has been forced to deny he was behind the registration of several domain names promoting him as a future leader of the Labour party. Clive Lewis, until recently a member of the shadow cabinet, told the Guardian yesterday that he did not register the batch of domains, which included, and their matching .org, .uk and .co.

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  • Sanchez beats Greenberg to ICANN board seat

    Mexican intellectual property lawyer León Felipe Sánchez Ambía has been selected to become a member of the ICANN board of directors by the At-Large, comfortably beating his opponent in a poll this weekend. Sanchez took 13 votes (65%) to 10-year At-Large veteran Alan Greenberg’s 7, in a vote of At-Large Advisory Committee members and Regional At Large Organization chairs.

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  • PIR slams brakes on “UDRP for copyright”

    Public Interest Registry has “paused” its plan to allow copyright owners to seize .org domains used for piracy. In a statement last night, PIR said the plans were being shelved in response to publicly expressed concerns. The Systemic Copyright Infringement Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy was an in-house development, but had made its way into the Domain Name Associatio ...

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  • Hacked ICANN data for sale on black market

    If you were a user of ICANN’s Centralized Zone Data Service back in 2014 you may wish to think about changing some passwords today. ICANN has confirmed that a bunch of user names and hashed passwords that were stolen in November 2014 have turned up for sale on the black market. The batch reportedly contains credentials for over 8,000 users.

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