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  • Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing – Which Gives the Best ROI?

    Marketing has changed, thanks to the digital revolution. With the introduction of the Internet, we have moved from outbound marketing tactics towards inbound marketing. In this post, I will share the differences between both strategies and why inbound marketing is a better long-term investment. What Is Outbound Marketing? Outbound marketing consists of disrupting customers.

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  • Forget the Super Bowl—On the Internet, Your Ad Is Forever

    Watching TV, we’re exposed to commercials through a one-step model: we choose to watch a show and commercials are part of the package. For the most part, if you want to enjoy the show from the comfort of your own sofa, either you catch the show when it airs or you’re out of luck. On the Internet, through platforms like YouTube, commercials can become the destination.

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