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  • Social Media Reporting Tips (From Your Boss)

    I spend a lot of time analyzing stuff. I analyze personas, lines of business, channel performance, conversion rates, and interest in specific products and solutions. I segment content by topic, type, and delivery method to see what’s performing the best. I roll analysis up into reports that I share with my direct reports, my peers, and my boss. I’m a marketer. This comes with the territory.

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  • Social Isn’t Driving Dollars…So What’s Next?

    Fear is a powerful motivator. Right now, fear is keeping many digital marketers from making the most out of social media. If you own a social program, you might cringe at this term. For one, you’ve heard empty promises about “solving social ROI” for years. Now the term means nothing. But maybe the other reason you cringed is that you’re terrified to find out that social isn ...

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  • Digital Is Going Dark: Only Early Adopters Will Thrive in 2017

    “Imagine a world…” In creative fields, this is a branding exercise we regularly do with our clients, customers, and colleagues. Imagine a world where that problem didn’t exist… Imagine a world where you could do this thing… It may sound like the trailer for a bad action movie, but it can be a powerful exercise when developing a narrative. The opposite is also a powerful tool.

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  • Conversations to Conversions: Why Social Needs More Than Engagement

    Shaquille O’Neal is a notoriously bad free throw shooter. His career percentage from the line was 52.7%. He also has four championships, three finals MVP titles, three All Star MVP titles, was the 1999-2000 season MVP, and the 1992-1993 Rookie of the Year. How to Increase Social Conversions Download If coaches had measured Shaq by his free throw percentage alone, he’d have ...

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  • Does Marketing Really Need More Data?

    Saturday morning, while drinking my usual cup of coffee and watching “Mr. Robot,” I read an article making the case for developing marketing campaigns without the use of data. He was careful not to take too hard a stance, but the author posited that you don’t need data to make decisions, and that great ideas come from your “boring old human brain.

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  • REPORT: As Facebook’s Algorithm Changes, How Brands Use the Network

    This week, Facebook announced plans to make a series of changes to its news feed algorithm so that it will more favorably promote content posted by friends and family. The 2016 State of Social Marketing Download This change will mean less prominent exposure for brands and publishers sharing content on the network, and will require an increased focus on optimizing tactics, l ...

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  • Introducing the 2016 State of Social Marketing Report

    I’m excited to share with you our 2016 State of Social Marketing Report. This report incorporates a survey of social marketers, industry reports, and original research about the top brands in the world and how they’re using each social network. The survey uncovered trends about a wide range of topics, but perhaps the most interesting was the disconnect between what social mark ...

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  • 3 Reasons Why Your Boss Should Send You to =LIFT

    It can be difficult to decide whether or not a conference is worth the investment. Will the content be valuable? Are other attendees people I’d want to network with? Am I going to spend the whole time fielding pitches from vendors? As a digital marketer, I’ve been to those conferences. Our whole team at Simply Measured has.

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  • #ArgyleEComm: Exploring the Pressure for Digital to Drive Revenue

    This week, I’ll be heading down to Dallas for Argyle Forum’s 2016 Leadership in E-Commerce Conference. E-Commerce leaders from around the country will gather to share insight, learn new tactics, and develop strategies that they can take back to their teams and deploy. Joining me at the conference are Kristin Dean, who leads professional services at Simply Measured, and Colin Z ...

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  • The Great Debate: Does Social Media Engagement Matter?

    Engagement has been a major piece of social marketing ever since we were tallying Likes, comments, and shares manually. It’s a staple because it’s a constant. It’s been what we could measure since social was new, so it became the baseline for our entire measurement practice. But CMOs and business leaders don’t care about engagement. They care about overall results.

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  • Take Our 2016 State of Social Marketing Survey

    Simply Measured’s second annual State of Social Marketing survey is here, and we’d love for you to participate! The State of Social Marketing Report is a comprehensive look at the social media space, focusing on trends, tactics, and the data behind marketing across each social media network. This survey is an important part of that report, and you can get involved in a few di ...

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  • 60-Second Instagram Videos: For the Creative Class AND the Data Geek

    On the heels of an announcement that it’d be moving to an algorithmic feed, Instagram shared this week that videos on the network will go from 15-seconds max to 60-seconds max…And here’s the kicker: They mean organic videos, not just ads. Video Creators on Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo This update is big news for both creators and data-driven marketers.

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  • Facebook Reactions Now Available in Simply Measured Reports

    Facebook Reactions became a hot button issue on social media when they were released into the wild a few weeks back. Some people loved them, some hated them, some thought they would change the face of marketing forever. While Reactions may not change the game, they give people using Facebook the opportunity to easily convey a more diverse range of emotions, and that’s a good thing.

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  • The Death of Organic Social and the Integration of Social Marketing

    Every day, I hear more and more marketers pontificating about “the death of organic social,” but instead of adapting their strategies to a new and changing world, they’re clinging to old ways of thinking. If history has shown us anything, it’s that this is a mistake. Back in 2000, the CEO of a small (and struggling) DVD-by-mail service approached the CEO of Blockbuster Video about partnering.

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