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  • 10 Bad Writing Habits Everyone’s Guilty Of (Especially Us)

    For more than two years, I read every single article on The Content Strategist. This loyalty was not borne out of rampant TCS fandom, though I did and still do love the publication, but out of a sense of duty. A self-proclaimed grammar nerd, I was Contently’s copy editor, a defender of proper grammar and style, and a bulwark against bad jargon and clichés.

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  • Why Hard News Is Thriving on Facebook

    If you want people to share your content on Facebook right now, make listicles about politics, gun control, and the environment. Might I suggest “10 Gazillion Guns That the President Must Control to Save the Environment”? That’s one key takeaway from a recent NewsWhip report on Facebook engagement.

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  • Why Is Facebook Engagement Suddenly Dropping?

    Publishers big and small are finding that outside Facebook’s walled garden, the social landscape has become increasingly barren. When Facebook rolled out Instant Articles to all iPhone users last month, the media world raised concerns that the network’s all-powerful News Feed algorithm would prioritize Instant Articles over external links, leading to drops in traffic to external publisher sites.

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  • Data Love: A Night With the Man Behind OkTrends

    Two days before Valentine’s Day, I found myself below the streets of Brooklyn listening to a man I’d never met talk about love. I was in a subway station, but the man in question was not the resident late-night subway-platform philosopher, and no trains had gone through this station in years. I was, in fact, at the New York Transit Museum, housed in a refurbished subway statio ...

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  • A Belated, Catty Analysis of Sunday’s Super Bowl Ads

    Best storytelling: Budweiser, “Lost Dog” Puppy ads are the “gimme” of Super Bowl commercialdom, but this one—the story of an unabashedly precious little dog being saved from a big, bad wolf by noble Clydesdales—is like Homeward Bound in 60 seconds. Most… what?: Bud Light, “Real-Life Pac-Man” The #UpForWhatever actor’s last words in this real-life Pac-Man spot are “What is goin ...

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  • Watch This Bank Break the Fourth Wall In Hilarious Fashion

    Banks are inherently not funny. They take your money and give it back to you when asked. They make loans. They exchange currency. And when they do it all correctly, nobody’s laughing. Commercials for banks are often just as dull: Close-up of well-groomed man in business suit. Visual overlay of statistics. Racially diverse group of men and women talking animatedly in a boardroom.

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