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  • Event Recap: Women at Work

    (hero image courtesy of event attendee Jasmine Patel) “Women in the workplace” is a topic both necessary and controversial. Controversy stems from this subject because it challenges an ugly truth: gender inequality. Even in an era where social consciousness is on the rise, foot-in-your-mouth fumbles to full on PR nightmares still exist amongst teams at the biggest companies around world.

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  • Event Recap: Connect, Convert, Quantify

    We live in an era where every day brings technological innovations and impacts the way we live our lives. With that understanding as marketers in the digital age, it’s hard not to fall down the rabbit hole of endless questions. What’s the best way to engage with our audience? How do we get them to convert? How do we optimize? Then, how do we measure this data? At Seer’s late ...

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  • Event Recap: Get Mobile & Local Right

    If you’re still championing that 2016 is “the year of mobile,” we’ve got a not-so-big surprise in store for you. Mobile has already weighed anchor, stormed the shores, and b ...

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  • Event Recap: Paid Search in 2016?

    Are you ready for PPC in 2016? We’re not even halfway through the year and there have already been major game-changes to the paid search landscape! If you didn’t happen to attend Seer’s Paid Search in 2016 event you missed out on essential answers to this very question delivered by four top experts in the paid search industry.

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