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  • Consumers Want Personalization In Exchange for Their Data (Infographic)

    Personalization provides marketers with the opportunity to engage customers more fully. However, many marketers still struggle to leverage personalization data effectively and miss important opportunities as a result. An infographic from Bazaarvoice illustrates what consumers want from personalization and lists the steps brands should take to meet expectations.

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  • Trust in Social Media Security Is at an All-Time Low (Infographic)

    In our ongoing coverage of security topics for Cybersecurity Awareness Month, it’s important to recognize that all parties play an important role in security infrastructure. Businesses need to provide adequate solutions and people need to utilize the solutions provided. Unfortunately, according to a recent infographic, user confidence in the security infrastructures provided ...

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  • Video Is Increasingly Important in Content Marketing (Infographic)

    Social media changed the way we communicate, and visual content on social is changing the way we consume information. Visual content leads to higher engagement than all-text content, and video is becoming an increasingly important piece of the social media marketing engagement puzzle. A report on the state of content marketing created by a partnership between the Content Marke ...

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  • Businesses: Take a Holistic Approach to Cybersecurity

    Every business and organization needs to take a holistic approach to cybersecurity. To that end, providing resources and training staff members to maintain good security practices should be a top priority. We interviewed Alex Heid, chief research officer at SecurityScorecard, and gained some insight into how companies can improve their digital security practices.

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  • Americans Still Prefer Email to Social Media (Infographic)

    Social media may be a mainstream communication platform, driving news coverage and consumption and awareness of social movements. But when it comes to office spaces, email and face-to-face conversations are still the preferred method of communication, according to an Adobe survey of white-collar workers with smartphones in the U.S. and the U.K.

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  • What Are Users #Scared of on Instagram? (Infographics)

    The countdown has begun, but the fear of things that go bump in the night is not just a Halloween phenomenon. People are afraid of threats both real and imagined, from ghosts and poisonous snakes to tornadoes and demons. Halloween Express analyzed more than 300,000 Instagram posts using the hashtag #scared to find out what fears people are talking about.

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  • 12-Step Guide for Social Media Marketing Success (Infographic)

    Marketing on social media can be a daunting task for a small business or a startup. With so much conflicting advice and competition, it can seem impossible to even get started. An infographic from Social Media Marketo outlines 12 crucial steps your business can take to set up for success. More than 90 percent of marketers indicated that they use social for marketing and that ...

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  • Learn to Identify and Protect Yourself From Phishing Scams (Infographic)

    News about cybersecurity is often full of doom for businesses and consumers, with frequent leaks, high-profile data breaches, and ever more sophisticated hackers. However, October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, so now is a good time to brush up on how to protect yourself in the digital world and other basic tools for improving the security of your data.

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  • 7 Insights to Help Refine Your App Notification Strategy

    There’s a fine line between being effective and being annoying when it comes to push notifications. Too many notifications can lead to overload, while too few notifications can lead to users abandoning applications and services. However, well-timed and well-targeted push notifications can increase retention and conversion.

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  • Is It Time to Standardize Disclosure for Sponsored Content?

    With the increased focus on influencer marketing comes the conversation of disclosure. In recent years, many services, from Twitch to Wikipedia, have had to deal with sponsored posts and the Federal Trade Commission‘s disclosure rules. The current conversation revolves around celebrity endorsement and the need for a simple, universal disclosure.

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  • Job Seekers: What’s on Your Social Profile Can Hurt Your Prospects (Report)

    Social has become an important part of the recruiting and job searching process. While companies like to manage their brands on Facebook, Twitter is where most job seekers go to research companies and their employees. Still, according to the most recent Jobvite report, recruiters are starting to understand the importance of cultivating an employment brand, as well as finding sk ...

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  • Millennials Aren’t Shopping on Social Media (Infographic)

    Marketers and retailers have been trying to push social commerce on social media users. Many see it as the next wave for social marketing, as it allows connection with customers, increased opportunities for conversion and instant purchases. However, millennials–whose buying power is expected to reach $200 billion by 2017–aren’t biting.

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  • What Do Design and Innovation Leaders Talk About on Twitter? (Report)

    From social media and mobile platforms to artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, the evolution of technology is driven by design leaders who work to discover innovative solutions to the challenges of the modern world. Much like tech startups must innovate to succeed, mature companies like IBM, Nike and Starbucks must innovate in order to survive in today’s rapidl ...

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  • App Developers: It’s Time to Focus on Retention Strategies (Report)

    Retention is one of the biggest challenges facing mobile application developers today. In many cases, apps hemorrhage users within the first few days of downloading, and when new users are necessary to grow services, this clearly needs to change. A report from mobile marketing platform Leanplum looks at how a lack of focus on retention is costing app developers money and users.

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  • Facebook Reactions On the Rise (Report)

    Ever since Facebook introduced the like button in 2010, users have wondered about a complimentary dislike button, or at least other ways to react. Facebook finally introduced Reactions for posts worldwide earlier this year, but users were fairly underwhelmed. A new study from Quintly examines current trends in Reactions.

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  • NYFW #StreetStyle Beat #Runway on Instagram (Infographic)

    New York Fashion Week wrapped up last Thursday, and Instagram demonstrated why the platform is so important for the industry. According to a report from user-generated content marketing platform Chute, with 359,000 images shared, the 2016 NYFW surpassed the events from February in Instagram user engagement.

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  • 70% of In-Store Purchases Will Be Driven By Online Research (Infographic)

    End-of-year shopping is no longer contained between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Last year, Facebook advised marketers to start preparing their campaigns as early as August–prudent advice with social users preparing well in advance of the holidays. An infographic from Taykey provides insights for holiday 2016 marketing based on analysis from 2015.

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  • What Do Consumers Think About New Digital Technologies? (Report)

    Marketing choices are often led by technological developments. With increased reliance on the internet, marketers are catering to internet-first and, in some cases, mobile-only audiences. But what do consumers think of the technologies that could define the near future, such as wearables, virtual reality and live video? A report from text-to-video creation platform Wibbitz su ...

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