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  • The Best Strategies for You to Reach Your BIG Goals in 2017 and Beyond

    Ahh, a new year. All fresh and shiny, with it’s endless possibilities and your newly-minted resolutions… It’s hard to believe that in just a few short weeks, your 2017 “to-do” list will morph into a hot mess (if it hasn’t already). And much like last year, you’ll be flying by the seat of your pants – chasing the urgent over what’s truly important – detached from your goals a ...

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  • Author Platform: Why You’re Struggling and How to Fix It

    Are you stuck? Has hammering out your author platform – or building a little marketing buzz for your book – got you frazzled? For the ease with which many marketing and book publishing experts throw the concept of “platform” around, you’d think it would be a little easier to execute… But despite the fact that the idea has been in vogue for some time, many authors (and even some industry influ.

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  • Your Author Business Plan: A Framework for the Creative Entrepreneur

    Does the thought of writing a business plan make you wince? You’ve been struggling valiantly through most of the non-writing, left-brained activities that have been thrust upon you as a modern writer–do you really need to go through the formality of crafting your “executive summary”, “sales forecasts” and “market analysis”? Well…yes.

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  • You Just Launched a Book. Now What?

    With the final post in this three-part series, Ben De Rienzo and the Team dive into the murky waters of the “post-launch” phase of your book launch plan, clarifying what you can do to keep the momentum rolling. Launching your book is an exciting experience. You’ve been working hard for months, possibly years, in the lead up to this moment.

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  • Want to Launch Your Book With a Bang? Then You Need This.

    Want to start marketing your book in less than 10 minutes? I’ve asked Ben De Rienzo, co-founder and designer at, to share his expert tips and insights on how writers can use this one simple tool to build buzz and drive their book sales–and it can be set up in minutes. Want to know what it is? Keep reading! You’ve worked hard for months—even years—on a fantastic ...

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  • Are You Building Your Writer Platform at Gunpoint?

    The pressure is constant. Everywhere you turn these days, you hear the word. Platform. It’s a must have, a deal breaker. And you’re told that if you expect any success at all as a writer, you should have started building yours three years ago. You hope for an out, but it appears that nobody can escape its reach.

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  • 39 Things to Remember While Struggling to Build Your Writing Career

    When you’re knee-deep in the tangle of learning something new, it’s easy to get lost in trivialities. What’s important and what’s not? What deserves your attention, and what can you let go of? Overwhelm stalls your forward progress, frustration rises (maybe even a little panic?) and the wave of “I’ll never figure this out”, washes over.

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  • Your Path to Influence: 17 Simple Ways to Make an Impact

    Languishing in obscurity? Things pretty quiet on the visibility front? You’ve tried to follow advice from the “guru de jour” to get your writing career on the map, but despite your best efforts, your ideal audience remains surprisingly resistant to your appeal. What’s worse, is that you know it’s possible to build a loyal, invested community, because the evidence is all around you.

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