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  • 7 Limitations Of Big Data In Marketing Analytics

    As everyone knows, “big data” is all the rage in digital marketing nowadays. Marketing organizations across the globe are trying to find ways to collect and analyze user-level or touchpoint-level data in order to uncover insights about how marketing activity affects consumer purchase decisions and drives loyalty.

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  • Think Cross-Channel For Your Holiday Paid Search Campaign

    Most paid search teams have probably completed their initial holiday planning and preparation by now. This may include creating a seasonal budgeting schedule and performance forecast, testing seasonal ad copies and landing pages, and adding or un-pausing seasonal keyword combinations. However, once all the tactical essentials are in place, consider taking the next step and s ...

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  • 3 Challenges Of Attribution Modeling: The Bad, The Bad And The Ugly

    Multi-touch attribution is a modern approach to modeling marketing impact. Back in May, three attribution technology vendors — Adometry, Convertro and DC Storm — were acquired by Google, AOL, and Rakuten Marketing respectively. Clearly, attribution is now being seen as integral to the future of digital marketing, and is rapidly rising in priority for many marketing organizations.

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  • Pay Per What? Choosing Pricing Models In Digital Advertising

    Cost per Click. Cost per Mille. Cost per Action. Cost per Lead. Cost per Engagement… Today’s digital advertising is filled with many different pricing options. Just a few decades ago, there only used to be two options: CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per 1000 impressions). Now there are dozens. Pricing options have important implications on advertisers’ budgeting strategy.

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  • The Secret Sauce Of Marketing Analytics: The 5W1H Framework

    Today, I am going to reveal my secret sauce for marketing analytics. This simple method is so powerful that anyone can start applying it today to any sort of descriptive analysis, and it will start producing results from day one. What's better, this method does not require any sort of prior knowledge or skill set such as statistics or database querying: anyone from a new grad ...

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  • 3 Steps To Get Started With Cross-Channel Analysis

    We are currently living through a Cambrian-level explosion of marketing channels. It seems like there is a new channel or device popping up every year, each with a new set of metrics, media and strategies. In the future, each marketing manager or analyst will be responsible for managing media across a greater number of different channels, networks and devices.

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