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  • Is It Possible to Make Money With Free Download Websites?

    If you have been following my posts, you know that I run a few affiliate websites in online trading niche. It goes without saying that this niche provides high payouts, but the competition is severe. Even though you can implement a few tricks to boost up your traffic (here is one that I explained last month), it is still very challenging to get traffic, unless you want to pay for it.

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  • A Little Useful SEO Trick for Affiliates

    Affiliates are always hunting for the best possible sources of traffic. While you can achieve significant profits with PPC and other forms of paid advertising, I prefer to focus on SEO and have recently discovered a useful SEO trick for increasing traffic on sites. The reason why I focus on SEO is rather simple.

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  • Affiliate Payouts in the FX Industry

    Many of us want to jump into affiliate marketing, yet most of us don’t really know where to start. Determining a perfect niche is rather a challenging task. Some niches are too saturated, others come with very low payouts. Today I will uncover the ins and outs of affiliate payouts in the Forex industry. Don’t get me wrong.

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