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  • Email Spotlight: DSW’s Hyper-Personalized Rewards Campaign

    Capturing the attention of your customers isn’t always easy. They’re not only busy, they’re constantly bombarded with marketing messages in the inbox and beyond. They key to holding your customer’s attention is delivering it in a compelling way. That’s why storytelling is key for creating successful email content.

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  • Mother’s Day Email Report: Tablet Email Read Lengths Were High

    Email marketers – especially those in retail – love Mother’s Day. It’s an opportunity to deliver great experiences for shoppers and showcase their best products in a new light. But inboxes are also inundated with deals during Mother’s Day weekend. It’s not enough to have a great deal; you have to truly stand out from the pack to get your customers’ attention.

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  • [Webinar] How to Use Behavioral Marketing in Your Emails

    According to Digital Trends, 73% of consumers prefer to buy from brands that make shopping experiences relevant to them. It makes sense that so many marketers are now putting customer experience first, with 89% of them competing mainly on customer experience. What does this mean for you? It’s now more important than ever to create customer-focused content.

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  • The 3 Emails Every Retailer Should Send

    Delivering contextual experiences is the best way to target your customers with content they care about and email is one of the most powerful tools in which to do so. Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar or strictly e-commerce, email marketing can be the thing that helps your business scale. By sending targeted, relevant messaging to your audience at the right time, it’s easy fo ...

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  • 7 Superpowers That Make Email Marketing Successful

    The 2017 summer movie season kicked off in a major way with the debut of the second “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie, just the latest superhero movie to attract huge audiences worldwide. “Guardians” got us thinking about email marketing’s “superpowers” (hey, we live and breathe this stuff!). Turns out it wasn’t as much of a stretch as we first thought—after all, email marketing ...

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  • 3 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Email Campaign Ideas

    Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and it just happens to be the third largest retail holiday of the year. The good news? Shoppers are scoping out their emails for last-minute gift ideas for mom. The bad news? Inboxes are inundated with deals and you have limited time to send an attention-grabbing campaign.

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  • 6 Ways to Get Your Subject Line Noticed

    The following blog post was written by Jomel Alos, Online PR Strategist for PureB2B and Spiralytics. PureB2B is a lead generation and data services provider that helps numerous B2B companies accelerate their technology sales process. Emails are a time-tested digital marketing strategy. Because of that, thousands of brands around the world send emails to reach their target audience.

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  • 9 Ways to Brainstorm Your Next Email Campaign

    We’ve all been there. No matter how hard we stare at the screen, a killer idea for our next email marketing campaign is just not coming. Here’s help: nine ways to get those ideas flowing again: 1. Generate a word or phrase list “If you want to write about a specific topic or communicate a certain idea, jot down a list of single words and phrases that relate to the general to ...

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  • What’s a Spam Trap, Anyway?

    The following blog post was written by GB Heidarsson for the eDataSource blog. You can see the original post here. A spam trap is an email address maintained by an ISP or a trap provider, to detect poor practices in list management, list acquisition and deployment behaviors. Emails sent to these addresses never get opened or clicked-on.

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  • 3 Ways Smart Marketers Use Real-Time Pricing and Inventory in Their Emails

    Smart marketers know the awesome power of email for driving engagement and creating loyal, long-term customers. But traditional email marketing – with content that adapts to each of your customers’ individual needs – just doesn’t cut it anymore. Over the past five years, two of the biggest shifts in email have been the rise of personalized, story-based marketing and the fruit ...

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  • 9 Ways to Make Your Email Copy Conversational

    We often hear that a key to successful email marketing is writing like you are having a conversation with the recipient of your message. But what exactly does that mean? What are the key characteristics of conversational writing? Read on to discover nine ways you can make your next message more conversational—and thus more engaging to your customers. 1.

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  • Bring Your Child to Work Day at Movable Ink

    At Movable Ink, we’re pretty passionate about creating amazing experiences. That’s why we were so excited for Bring Your Child to Work Day. Each team at the company had the opportunity to present on their area of expertise – sales, design, engineering, and marketing for example – and the kids discovered what their parents do all day.

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  • [Lookbook] Spring Inkredible 5

    Now that spring is (finally!) in the air, what better time to refresh your email campaigns? By using email content that changes at the moment of open, you not only have the opportunity to wow your customers, you can meet their biggest needs with email content that speaks to each and every one of them. In the Spring Inkredible 5, we featured five brands that are doing exactly that.

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  • 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Contextual Email Marketing

    It’s no surprise that our team gets lots of questions on a regular basis about contextual email marketing – especially considering that Movable Ink invented the ability to change email content at the moment of open in 2010. Our Senior Solutions Consultant, Mike Dietz, recently answered some of our biggest questions in our webinar, Contextual Email Marketing AMA.

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  • Loyalty Diary: Why Rewards Emails Must Be Real-Time

    The following blog post was written by Ray Schultz and originally appeared on Media Post’s Email Edge. You can find the original blog post here. Ken Goldstein was angry. He had logged onto one of his hotel loyalty accounts to find that hundreds of thousands of points had been wiped out. The chain had a policy that it “deletes all your points if you don’t stay at one of their ...

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  • 9 Common Email Grammar Mistakes (And How to Fix Them)

    Writing is an important part of most email marketers’ job descriptions. Most of us do a lot of it every day. But even with all our experience, sometimes we’re not sure we are using the correct word (or punctuation mark) in the right way. And there isn’t always a handy automated feature to come to our rescue.

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  • [Infographic] Email Attention Spans Are Increasing, Fueled by Mobile

    The following blog post was written by Chad White, Research Director at Litmus. Follow him on Twitter: @ChadSWhite. It’s becoming more difficult for brands to break through and earn consumers’ attention. Consumers are skipping ads on TV, blocking display ads on the web, and developing almost universal ad blindness.

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