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  • Movable Ink Doubles Impressions During Cyber Week, Crushing Last Year’s Record

    Cyber Week 2016 was big. Really big. For the second year in a row, Black Friday mobile sales outpaced Cyber Monday, and online sales reached more than $3 billion dollars. Email was a major driver of these numbers, so it’s no surprise that Movable Ink saw record activity during that time. On Black Friday alone, we saw more than one billion impressions.

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  • Case Study: The Movember Foundation

    The Movember Foundation – the only global charity focused solely on men’s health – needed to get the word out about their cause and drive donations. The challenge? They had just one month (Movember, the month formerly known as November) to do it. That’s where contextual marketing came in. Using live email content, Movember was able to provide a personal experience that resonat ...

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  • Holiday Email Report: Pre-Black Friday (Nov. 14 – Nov. 21)

    With holiday email campaigns in full swing, you’re probably curious about how your customers are actually interacting with your messages. That’s where we come in. We’re taking a close look at holiday email activity during the busiest weeks of the season. We’ll look at opens by device, email conversions and more to help you keep tabs on industry trends.

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  • Movable Ink Named One of the Fastest-Growing Companies in New York

    The New York tech scene is booming. Here at Movable Ink, we couldn’t be happier to be part of it. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve been named one of the fast-growing companies in New York, making the Crain’s Fast 50 List. Companies that made the list were selected based on their winning business strategies and incredible revenue growth.

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  • Monday Catch-Up: Millennial Email Behavior, Sunday Send-Times and iOS 10 Unsubscribes

    Happy Monday, marketers! Here in the U.S. we are celebrating Thanksgiving this week. And speaking of that – thanks to you for checking out our blog! We appreciate it very much. Now, on with the news. Study finds that millennials interact with email much like older users According to the results of a recent study, when it comes to how they use email, millennials and older users ...

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  • Our Favorite Examples of Live Polling in Email Marketing

    Email engagement is a huge priority for email marketers. Higher engagement = lifts in click-through rates, read rates and higher overall revenue generated per email. So how can you send emails that are guaranteed to drive engagement? While there’s no magic email tactic for engagement, gamification – like live polling – comes pretty darn close.

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  • Your Last-Minute Holiday Email Checklist

    With Cyber Week fast approaching, you probably already have your holiday emails stacked and ready to go. But there’s a lot at stake – if you’re like 65% of brands, your goal is to increase revenue from email conversions. Your email campaigns need to get noticed and outshine your competition. To get the most out of your holiday email campaigns, use this blog post as your checkl ...

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  • Presidential Race Emails: Post-Campaign View

    The following blog post was originally published on eDataSource by John Landsman. You can read the original post here. Its outcome may please or displease, but I suspect we’re all united in relief that this bizarre and uniquely toxic Presidential race has finally ended. Looking from our last update on October 23rd, both candidates mailed heavily right up through Election Day.

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  • Monday Catch-up: Re-engage Your Email Subscribers, Lift Click-Throughs and More

    Happy Monday morning, marketers! We scoured the web for the latest news and information about email marketing so you don’t have to. So, grab your coffee and dive right in. Have a great day and week! Clear goals and personalization seen as keys to re-engagement “When it comes to understanding customer data for a brand or company, re-engagement, or the process of connecting with ...

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  • [eBook] The Retail Marketer’s Email Playbook

    Let’s face it: getting through to your customers is more challenging than ever. Inboxes are saturated, and as a result, consumers are pickier about the brands they interact with. People no longer just buy products, they buy product experiences from brands they trust. Contextual marketing is the key to building that trust and delivering experiences that speak to your customers’ needs.

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  • 4 Email Campaign Ideas for National Free Shipping Day 2016

    For email marketers, this is the time of year that you’re double-checking your holiday campaigns and making last-minute changes to ensure everything runs smoothly when it’s time to deploy. You probably have Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other holiday promotions covered. But what about National Free Shipping Day? What’s National Free Shipping Day? Yes, National Free Shipping Day is a thing.

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  • Build a Better Email Newsletter: Webinar Recap

    According to the Direct Marketing Association, 68% of marketers say that newsletters are the #1 marketing tool to help them achieve their business goals. Considering that context can more than double email ROI, imagine what you could do with a contextual email newsletter. In our webinar, Build a Better Email Newsletter, we discussed the many ways you can optimize your newsletter with context.

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  • Consumer Device Preference Report Q3 2016

    The way consumers interact with email is constantly changing. That’s why we keep a close watch on the devices people are using, how they’re engaging and the biggest overall email marketing trends that will impact your business goals. Of course, the preferences of retail customers will be very different from the preferences of financial services customers.

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  • Innovative Partner Interview: Movember

    Our innovative partner interview series brings you marketing insights from experts at our partner companies. This month, we chatted with Meaghan Bilinski, Digital Marketing Director at the Movember Foundation. Movember uses email marketing to drive fundraising for men’s health. Want to get involved? Check out Movable Ink’s Movember team page! Can you give us some background ab ...

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  • Monday Catch-up: ‘Creepy Data,’ Subject Lines & Enhancing the In-Store Experience

    Welcome to Monday – and Happy Halloween, marketers! We hope you receive many more treats than tricks today. Here’s a treat from us to get you started – some of the latest email marketing news from around the web. Don’t spook your recipients with ‘creepy data’ In a Halloween-themed article at ClickZ, Ryan Phelan offers advice to email marketers about how not to alarm recipients ...

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  • Presidential Campaign Emails: Home-Stretch Check-in

    The following blog post was originally published on eDtataSource. You can read the original post here, and remember to check back for eDataSource’s continued coverage of each candidate’s campaign emails! We have but two weeks left in this excruciating political drama. Since our last check-in about five weeks ago, the principal combatants have braved three debates and various u ...

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