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  • How to Build Better Loyalty Emails

    Email is essential for a successful loyalty program, but many companies aren’t using email correctly. Email content is too often an afterthought, with many companies delivering loyalty program emails that contain static data. Even worse, the marketing teams creating those emails are hard-coding and manually curating redemptions … with no guarantee that those deals will even be ...

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  • Designing the Receipt: How to Put the Trance in Transactional Emails

    The following blog post was written by Mike Nelson of Really Good Emails. If you like this post, sign up for our webinar with Mike on 3/31 at 1pm EST. We’ll cover everything you need to know about designing a killer transactional email. I have this awesome coffee shop right next to the office. This isn’t your typical coffee place; it is one of those hipster, artisan shops whe ...

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  • Best Practices for Permission-Based Email Marketing

    Permission is an integral component of civilized society. Children are taught to ask permission to leave the table. Drivers (most of them, anyway) signal before changing lanes – which communicates intent and requests permission.Permission also plays a critical role in marketing. In this context, it’s closely associated with Seth Godin, who was, if not the first, one of the earl ...

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  • [Infographic] 5 Emails Every Marketer Should Send

    The following infographic was created by Campaign Monitor. You can find the original post here. Keeping your audience engaged from the first time they meet your brand is extremely important. One incredibly successful way to keep your audience engaged is through email marketing. Email marketing should be a way for you to earn your audience’s ...

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  • Monday Catch-Up: Open Rates, Trust, Mistakes and Email Growth

    Happy Monday, marketers! Let’s get the workweek off to a great start with some recent email- marketing news. Here we go: Marketers sending fewer emails, but getting higher open rates A recent SendGrid study shows that while the number of emails being sent by marketers is declining, open rates are heading in the other direction.

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  • Case Study: Spotify

    Listening to music is a highly personal experience, and no one knows this better Spotify. The digital music service wanted to send a year-end review email that made every single one of their subscribers feel special. Their goal was to deploy an email campaign with a personalized snapshot of each subscriber’s listening habits over one month. Thi ...

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  • Webinar: How to Build Better Loyalty Emails

    There are no silver bullets in marketing, but loyalty programs come pretty darn close. Marketers love them for their awesome ability to retain and grow their customer base. Customers love them because of the hyper-personalized treatment and rewards they receive. According to, spending on loyalty programs by U.S. companies in recent years has crossed the $2 billion dollar mark.

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  • 9 Easy-to-Avoid Email Marketing Mistakes

    Saying “mistakes happen” after you realize you’ve sent a message with an error in it to thousands of recipients doesn’t provide much consolation to email marketers. Yes, mistakes do happen. And they will happen again. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do everything you can to minimize them. Fortunately, with a little forethought (and proofreading) you can head off the most-co ...

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  • Oscars 2017 Email Report

    The Oscars present a huge opportunity for email marketers across all industries to reach out to their subscribers: those in media, entertainment, retail and more delivered campaigns this past weekend. But how do consumers actually interact with email during a big entertainment event? In our Super Bowl Email Report, we learned that people can be engaged with both an event and their email.

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  • 5 Last-Minute St. Patrick’s Day Email Ideas

    St. Patrick’s Day provides an awesome opportunity to reach out to your subscribers. Why’s that? For starters, it’s unexpected. That means it’s your chance to surprise and delight your subscribers with a freebie, sale, piece of content or even a contest. If you’re still scratching your head about what your St. Patrick’s Day email campaign could look like, here are a few ideas for inspiration.

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  • Email Makeover: 6 Ways We Redesigned a Pet Retailer’s Email with Context

    Who doesn’t love a good makeover story? Whether it’s re-organizing a messy closet or giving your calendar a total overhaul, there are few things more inspirational than seeing real people make life-changing improvements. That’s why we were so excited to do a live Email Makeover. See, our email experts are always showing our clients and prospects new and innovative ways to amp ...

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  • Email Marketing 101: Email Conversion Rate Optimization

    Conversions – whether they take the form of a customer placing an order, downloading an eBook, registering for a webinar, etc. — are the goal every email marketing message and campaign. The metric used to measure conversions is called, not surprisingly, conversion rate. Lindsey Kolowich defines the metric at HubSpot as “the percentage of email recipients who clicked on a link ...

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  • 5 Questions with an Email Expert

    In our series, 5 Questions with an Email Expert, we chat with leaders in the email marketing space about their background, favorite email campaigns and more. In this edition of 5 Questions with an Email Expert, we spoke with Movable Ink’s own Chief Revenue Officer, Adam Stambleck. For over 15 years, Adam has worked with the world’s leading brands to understand their goals and ...

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  • Sneak Peek: Our Email Makeover Webinar

    Last week, we ran a contest offering a contextual email makeover to one lucky #EmailGeek. Choosing a winner was not easy – we wanted to make over all of the emails! How we chose our winner So what was our criteria for choosing a winner? First, we were looking for a brand that already had a solid email content strategy.

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  • How to Engage Your Customers with Transactional Emails

    We recently took a look at triggered emails – reactive messages prompted by a customer interaction. These types of emails include welcome messages, personal (e.g., birthday and anniversary) greetings and the subject of this post, transactional emails. What’s the difference between marketing emails and transactional emails? There are several fundamental differences between trans ...

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  • Our 5 Favorite Valentine’s Day 2017 Emails

    Whether you love it or hate, you can’t avoid Valentine’s Day – in the inbox anyway. V-Day promotions were everywhere this year, with more brands ramping up their creativity and delivering exceptional email experiences. Here are five of our favorite emails from Valentine’s Day 2017. Our 5 favorite Valentine’s Day 2017 Emails Dunkin’ Donuts Dunkin’ Donuts made it easy to find a ...

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  • How to Drive Customer Retention with Email Marketing

    Email marketing is hands-down the best way to turn one-time shoppers into loyal, long-term customers. That’s why 80% of brands rely on it to drive customer retention, and another 56% of them say email marketing is the most effective way to reach retention goals. There are a lot of reasons why email marketing drives retention.

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  • 8 Ways to Boost Your Email Open Rates

    The term “open rate” is very familiar to veteran email marketers, and it’s no doubt even on newbies’ radar – after all, it’s one of the industry’s most-important metrics. Determining open rates is a pretty straightforward proposition. “Email service providers (ESPs) calculate the open rate by taking the number of people who open the email and dividing it by the number of emai ...

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  • Super Bowl 2017 Email Report: It’s a Touchdown for Read-Lengths

    Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest advertising days of the year, with companies of all sizes offering limited-time promotions. We don’t typically think of the Super Bowl as an email marketing opportunity, but perhaps we should. We took a look at email activity before, during and after this year’s Super Bowl weekend (2/2-2/6) and compared it to 2016’s Super Bowl numbers.

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  • Enter to Win a Contextual Email Makeover

    How do you feel about your emails? Do you like them, love them, or feel kind of “meh” about them? At Movable Ink, we want everyone to love their emails. And one of the best ways to make that happen is with context. Context enhances your emails, makes them work harder for you and helps you get the best marketing results possible. It enables you to exceed your KPIs and boost revenue.

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