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  • How to Own Your Blogger Outreach Process

    At GroupHigh, I have worked with both brands and agencies on blogger outreach strategy. No matter the goal or the end result, a blogger outreach strategy that works has key components and crucial ingredients. Because I live in the world of blogger outreach, I’m always asking what other marketers are doing in order to see outside my world and stay an expert.

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  • You’ve Got Brand Ambassadors. Now What?

    ) Perfect Balance of Communication One of the most important jobs a marketer has when managing a network of brand ambassadors is communicating with them. This is not to be confused with mass emailing them, asking them for constant favors or only checking in once a year. Bhakti told me they consciously touch base on a personal level with their ambassadors once a quarter.

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  • How to Convince People to Do Your Marketing For You

    ) Vetting Whether they are the questions you ask ambassadors who apply for your program or the questions you ask yourself when actively recruiting, there are filters that everyone should be passed through before you add them to your network. Here are just a few of the questions that Bhakti asks of the people who apply to be part of their ambassador program.

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  • Marketers Everywhere: Stop Marketing Your Brand

    Image via On Monday, I published a post using a Huggies case study to show the value of real an authentic storytelling to drive engagement with a brand. If you missed it, catch up real quick and read it here. The key takeaway from this example of great outreach marketing is that no matter who you’re marketing to, it’s crucial to always remind yourself that ...

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  • 10 Proven Ways to Get People to Come to Your Online Event

    In my post yesterday, I talked about how virtual conferences are the dipping dots of marketing—marketing of the future and my current favorite outreach marketing tactic. If you missed this little run down you can check it out here. Online events, whether they are in the form of a conference, a webinar, or a Twitter chat are great ways to position any brand as a thought leade ...

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  • The Most Underrated Marketing Tactic at Your Fingertips

    Virtual conferences just may be my favorite marketing tactic that I have clanging around in my tool box. Through two online events that I’ve organized for my company, GroupHigh, I’ve been able to generate more leads for my sales team than any of my other strategies combined. The recent Outreach Marketing Virtual Summit took place at the end of the September and was our best ...

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  • What Makes a Great Brand Ambassador?

    Ambassador prowling: Hunting down people who love your brand or locating the people who will love your brand they just don’t know it yet. Sounds a little creepy, maybe, welcome to the world of marketing. Yesterday I wrote a post on how Gini Dietrich promoted her book with the help of brand ambassadors. In the event you missed it, check it out real quick here.

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  • How to Promote Your Book Like Gini Dietrich

    For those of you who don’t know Gini Dietrich, she runs my favorite PR blog - Spin Sucks - and is a go-to resource for all things influencer marketing and digital PR. Also, I find her hilarious and her favorite classic arcade game is Tetris. A few months ago, Gini published her second book, Spin Sucks, and the method she used to promote her new book should be used as a go-t ...

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  • Why Great Marketing Isn’t Always Done “At Scale”

    Contrary to popular belief, marketing doesn’t necessarily need to be a “scalable” operation. In fact, outreach marketing focuses on the “one to one to many” approach where brands reach out to a handful of passionate fans, influencers, etc. who spread word of mouth recommendations for them. Nothing is black and white, especially marketing.

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Nurturing Influencer Relations

    Image via Yesterday, I posted on a stellar event that Unclaimed Baggage put together to appeal to local bloggers and earn some authentic coverage for their brand. If you missed it, check it out here and then come back to this post and join me discuss the value in nurturing the relationships with all of the people in your brand’s network.

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