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  • Two Reports to Dig into Facebook Multi-Product Ad Results

    Facebook Multi-Product Ads have been the buzz in the paid search community for a few months. I personally have fallen in love with them. They are beautiful, flashy, engaging, and have multiple layers. What’s not to love? They even offer an additional bonus: with so many options in the ad creative, our testing options are limitless! However, like any new blossoming romance, ...

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  • Determine Facebook campaign tactics by account type

    When an account expands to social for the first time, there are a few general guidelines that I follow: 1. Set a predetermined budget. 2. Don’t oversell the return and set realistic expectations. 3. Start smart. Starting smart means you should logically start with ad types and targeting that align with your type of account.

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  • True or False: My PPC Goals Are Realistic

    Please select the multiple-choice answer that best describes your paid search goal: (A.) I want to increase conversion and/or revenue volume. (B.) I want to decrease cost-per-conversion and/or increase return on ad spend. (C.) I want to increase spend. (D.) I want both A and B. (E.) None of these goals describe me. (F.) I am goal-less. Goals are important.

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  • Keep Your Eyes Focused On Non-Google Opportunities

    My biggest recommendation and prediction for 2015 is to stay focused on all the other available advertising channels. We all spend a lot time and money in Google AdWords, but big things are in the works for other platforms. What makes 2015 different from 2014? All the bigger changes that happened in 2014 are going to eventually trickle down and create change for us – the a ...

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  • DIY: Easy URL Tracking

    URL tracking takes time to set up, but the rewards make it time well spent. Why is it worth it? Google Analytics. The whole purpose of tracking URLs is that we get the reward of having Google Analytics data for each platform or campaign. Everything In One Place When paid search can incorporate more than five different platforms, it is nice to have that one place that combines all the data.

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  • Harmony, Intent & Facebook Landing Pages

    We spend a lot of time talking about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and landing page optimizations. Landing pages should be extremely relevant to the ad. There should be congruency between the ad’s call-to-action and the page’s call-to-action. Buttons should be a complimentary color! PPC specific landing pages are a must! Less is more! These items are important and can d ...

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  • Use Remarketing For Search This Holiday Season

    Remarketing for Search allows you to target people who have already been to your site and visited a specific page, but also searched a specific key term. People who have already been to your site and are familiar with your product are in many cases more likely to convert. Combining that with the fact that they’re searching a relevant keyword (which implies that they are activ ...

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  • Tiny Ad Tests That Make a Huge Difference

    We should all be testing our PPC ads, but sometimes obstacles stop us. Whether it be getting approval, lack of time or some other excuse, there are several ad tests that are small that have made big differences in my accounts. The setup for each is simple and the results are worth the 15 minutes that it takes to use Excel.

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  • PPC Insights for the Tourism & Travel Industry

    Series week continues as we assess PPC management across different industries. Yesterday, Kevin covered the Healthcare industry and this morning, Jeff talked about the Education industry. Today, Kristina is discussing the Tourism and Travel industry. When I think of the many industries that see success in paid search, vacation and traveling is one my favorites. First, everyone loves vacation.

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  • 13 Reasons You Should Geo-Target PPC Campaigns

    Multiple accounts that I manage daily use city or state specific geo-targeting at the campaign level. While we have the option to use geo-bid modifiers across the campaign, this type of segmentation takes optimization to the next stage. Inside every paid search account manager, there is a control freak.

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  • Overcoming AdWords Trademark And Disapproval Issues

    Would you rather have all your ads be disapproved for using a trademark or have a competitor use your trademarked term? Both are major downers that can seriously affect paid search performance. Recently, I dealt with both of these issues, which enhanced my knowledge of the AdWords trademark policy. The key to all trademark issues is the “3rd Party Authorization Request form.

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  • The Opportunities Tab – The Good And Bad

    Can there be useful insights in the Opportunities tab? I, like many others out there, tend to believe that I am smarter than the Opportunities tab. The Opportunities tab wants to spend more of my money and values click volume. My general feeling is: What does the Opportunities tab know about real paid search? Does it think about conversions or hitting monthly budget caps? Probably not.

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  • All You Need to Know to Succeed With CPA Bidding

    Using CPA bidding is like living with an unpredictable pet. He's as likely to bite your guest's hand, as be a saint. There are mixed feelings about using Conversion Optimizer or CPA Bidding. Google AdWords wears the jersey of Team CPA Bidding. As soon as a campaign is eligible, the CPA Bidding alert appears as a notification.

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  • 7 Tips For AdWords YouTube Campaigns

    You've successfully pitched YouTube advertising to your client. You have a great video and the AdWords account is linked to the client's YouTube Channel. It's time to start advertising! Ranging from settings to optimizations, I've put together seven tips to run successful AdWords YouTube campaigns. The first four tips speak to campaign setup while the last three deal with optimization.

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  • ROAS For Beginners: The eCommerce Metric of Choice

    For eCommerce Series Week, what could be more important than ROAS (return on ad spend)? While the rest of the posts this week will give great insight into what you should and shouldn't be doing, my post is geared towards the eCommerce PPC beginner. If you are just starting PPC and you sell things online, both this post and ROAS are for you! ROAS is a good metric to judge the ...

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  • Ad Testing Scenarios For Low-Converting Campaigns

    Step One: Try something new. Step Two: Let it run for an appropriate length of time. Step Three: Determine the winner. Step Four: Repeat. But what happens when we can't conclude a test because the campaign does not get enough conversions? Do we conclude tests early without significant data or do we try to wait it out? In most situations, we extend the timeline.

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  • Do Your Campaigns Target “Search & Display Networks”?

    Segmenting search and display campaigns is a basic best practice that we are taught as PPC fledglings. However, I am guilty of having a campaign or two that targets both "Search & Display Networks". I can give you a list of excuses. The campaign is hitting goals, it doesn't spend much or there have been other parts of the account that demand my focus.

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