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  • Fixing Facebook’s fake news issue

    In late December, the defense minister of Pakistan tweeted an ominous reminder to the leaders of Israel that Pakistan “is a Nuclear state too.” This tweet was in response to a news story in which former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon was quoted as saying, “If Pakistan send ground troops into Syria on any pretext, we will destroy this country with a nuclear attack.

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  • 5 ways ads are killing your site (& SEO)

    Recently, Google announced that it was removing AdSense’s three ad unit limit on a page. This decision seems to have been largely driven by a “mobile first” strategy, as mobile sites don’t have the same limitations as desktop in terms of space and user interaction. Scrolling is not as likely a deterrent on mobile sites. This leaves more space for ads inside the “page.

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  • 4 Reasons Organic Search Is Better

    Remember when you used to rely solely on search engines for traffic? Remember when you worked on SEO and lived and died by your placement in Google? Were you #1? Assured success. Well, okay, maybe not assured. Success only came if the keywords were relevant to your site users, but it was the only real roadmap to generating site traffic and revenue. Today, we live in a different world.

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  • The End of the Internet Dream

    Have We Lost The Dream? As technologists, it is good to step outside our own “cyberniche” and gain new perspective in the niches of others cyber workersv. In this case, my journey took me to Blackhat USA and Defcon, two of the largest “infosec” conferences in the United States. There I stumbled on the keynote of Jennifer Grannick.

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  • What Webmasters Should Know About Stagefright

    Stagefright! Oh no do you have “Stagefright”? No not that paralyzing fear of talking in front of a group of people. Stagefright is the latest in a series of Android OS vulnerabilities. Basically, if you have Android OS you need to assume you are vulnerable until you are sure you are not. What is “Stagefright”? Stagefright is the name for a system service in Android that pr ...

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  • The Penguin Algorithm: An Issue of Ethics

    On April 24th, 2012 Matt Cutts, the head of Webspam at Google, announced they would be releasing the first “Penguin Algorithm”. Although the focus these days is mostly about links many people forget Penguin was not released to only target link spam, it was also created to target “…sites that we believe are violating Google’s existing quality guidelines.

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  • 5 SEO Myths to Forget in 2015

    2014 was a rough year. We went months without any real updates, and then in the last four months there were Panda, Penguin, Pirate, and Pigeon along with tweaks and refinements along the way. In fact Penguin was never given an end date; it just keeps on rolling like Tina Turner on a river. So now we are a few weeks into 2015 and the year started off with a bang of bad info a ...

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  • SEMPO Code of Ethics: Not So Black and White

    Editor note: This “anti” post is part of a two-part series about the proposed Search Marketing Code of Ethics, as presented by SEMPO at To read the “pro” viewpoint from Tony Wright and Chris Boggs, click here. This post is not sponsored by any organization or party and was facilitated by the SEJ Editorial Team. Alan Bleiweiss also contributed to this post.

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  • Website Visibility (SEO) – Don’t Stop

    SEO or as I think more aptly put, website visibility, plans are often thought of as one-time investments or just seasonal expenditures when a site’s traffic drops or a holiday season is approaching. What many clients do not understand is that SEO is not a "sometimes" choice, but a monthly necessity.

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  • Last-Minute SEO - Here Come the Holidays!

    Unless their business is summer-related, summer is the time of year where many website owners (and managers) slow down, kick back, grab a beer, and enjoy those long, hot, sunny days! As long as Google doesn’t release an update or manually devalue your site, it is the time of year where you feel most able to take the time to relax a bit.

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