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  • 7 Budget-Friendly Hotel Marketing Tips

    With the internet right at your fingertips, you don’t have to spend much, or even anything at all, just as long as you have the know-how and the time to commit to online marketing. Sure, the online market is very competitive, and with so much content, it is hard to stand out without resorting to paid advertisements.

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  • Hotel Marketing: Integrating The Human Element

    Hotel Marketing: Integrating The Human Element Nothing turns away potential online customers like blatant advertising. Posting nothing but dry content about your business, ongoing sales, promotions, and products dehumanizes your brand. By posting nothing but that type of content, your business becomes less inviting and relatable.

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  • Hotel Marketing: 5 Tactics to Use for the Holiday Season

    Now that summer is over, it’s time to start implementing seasonal marketing themes. It may be mid-September, but the holidays are approaching quicker than you may think. Furthermore, your customers are already starting to plan their annual family visits and vacations for this time of year. Don’t fall behind! Here are five strategies you should be utilizing now to reel in poten ...

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  • 3 Benefits of User Generated Content

    It has been said that word-of-mouth is the most powerful marketing tool, and with this ability to share thoughts with millions across the globe in a fraction of a second, it could not be more true. Customers have this inherent urge to share their product and service experiences online via reviews, blogs, or social media posts.

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  • Why Online Reviews are Important for Your Business

    Everybody’s a critic, especially now that it is easier than ever for customers to voice opinion online. However, how many of those online reviews are genuine? There is no doubt that in this new age run by technology, online reviews can either help or harm businesses of all types and sizes. Although some business owners may not believe online reviews are important enough to ac ...

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