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  • These 6 brands are killing it on Instagram and here’s why.

    Instagram is hot – there’s no denying it. This relatively new social network has taken all picture snapping lovers by storm. Here are 6 brands that are absolutely winning at Instagram, I’ve included some comments with each to inspire you. GoPro – 4.2m followers These makers of tiny HD cameras developed a great following. Their photos are vibrant, unique and breathtaking.

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  • How to Get a Job in Digital Marketing

    Things I Learned From a Year of Recruiting for a Digital Marketing Agency The common issue of changing careers or starting a career once you have left University/College is that you are required you have to experience – ideally commercial experience – before you are even considered for a position. I was responsible for recruiting for a large digital media agency for a year and ...

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  • Experience an Earthquake with Airbnb – Small Data Use Example

    Bucket lists – we all have them; either written down or just in our heads. In my bucket list I have things like: diving with sharks (from inside a cage – I’m not that brave) bungee jumping Skydiving (which I have already crossed off) more stuff and… surviving an earthquake This last one I realised suddenly isn’t going to be easy to cross of.

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