kyle eliason

  • 6 Ways to Build Blockbuster-worthy Marketing Personas

    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, before I was a digital marketer, I was a screenwriter. It was a period of endless coffee, erratic pay checks, and afternoons that inexplicably turned into early mornings. I learned many valuable skills as a writer that I still use to this day. For example, I know exactly how much food and/or coffee you need to purchase in order to not ...

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  • How To Run A Great Marketing Brainstorm: The Creative Warm-Up

    What is a brainstorm? Since the inception of the term in 1948, brainstorming has been the most powerful tool for creative problem solving for designers and marketers. The brainstorming process has been adjusted and reworked by many, but the core principles have remained intact. The term brainstorm elicits a vivid image of a storm of ideas in one’s mind, however the term was coi ...

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  • Total Marketing Wellness: The Health of Your Marketing

    A man goes to into the doctor’s office and says it hurts no matter where he touches his body. The doctor looks at him noting that he doesn’t appear to have any full body trauma. Skeptically, the doctor says “Impossible.” The man says to the doctor, “No. I’m not making this up. It hurts really badly. I must have a disease! I need lots of help.” So the doctor says, “Fine, show me.

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