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  • Ink and Bytes: Using Print in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

    From 1995 to 2009 the internet went from being a premium service used by less than one percent of the world to an everyday tool used by more than a quarter of the global population. The way people communicated was forever changed, businesses were transformed, and digital marketing strategy evolved from curious theory to necessary practice.

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  • What Will Mobile Marketing Look Like in the Next Decade?

    In the 1990s, years before mobile marketing took off, phones began their rise to prominence as a tool for common personal use. Each year seemed to bring small and lighter models, with little features like “flip” cases, walkie-talkie style calls, and the first text messaging services. To many, it felt like an unimaginable luxury, the quintessential sign of the future as now.

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  • Why Doesn’t B2B Content Marketing Focus on Customer Experience?

    Chances are, if you’ve had any sort of social media account for more than a couple months, than you have at one point or another been the recipient of an unsolicited message. Long lost classmates, ardent admirers, recently deposed kings looking for help with a back transfer—these messages can come in any shape or size from welcome surprise to unintelligible garbage.

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  • New Study Suggests Top B2B Marketing Strategies for 2016

    The new year is finally here, which means marketers are settling down to evaluate the effectiveness of their efforts in 2015. By examining metrics as well as dusting off the 2015 Q1 marketing plan to see just how far they’ve grown beyond their initial planning, marketers undoubtedly will have many takeaways.

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  • Is Your SEO Strategy Holding Back Lead Generation?

    Technology and B2B marketing have perhaps one of the most bittersweet relationships in the business world. On one hand, technological innovation has given digital marketers a constant stream of new ways to be discovered, reach specific audiences, and automate more processes than ever before. On the other side, technology also threatens these same professionals with cost efficie ...

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  • Google Plus Admits Defeat, Reorganizes Functionality

    Four years ago, Google Plus launched with the welcoming slogan “Let’s Meet Here.” There were big expectations—millions of people who were already using multiple social media accounts were interested by Google’s latest move to diversify its channel distribution. Some were hopeful, looking back to the previous five years since Google’s acquisition of YouTube, which was continuin ...

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