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  • How to Edit Your Blog Posts Like a Pro

    It’s every blogger’s worst nightmare. Your latest post gets shared by a big-name blogger, and you start getting lots of traffic. Hurrah! But then someone sends you an email (or worse, leaves a comment) pointing out a glaring mistake in the first paragraph. Mistakes can knock your reader’s confidence in you.

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  • One Screenshot You Must Include When Pitching a Sponsored Post

    If you’re familiar with sponsored content as an income stream, chances are you’ve been asked for a media kit or a proposal to do a sponsored post. Unfortunately, the world of sponsored post rates and assessing the value of your site is a bit like the wild, wild west. It can be daunting putting together a media kit, especially when you don’t have the ‘big numbers’ everyone seem ...

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  • Professional Development for Bloggers: How to Learn on a Budget

    I have a confession to make: I was a bit of a geek at school. I was the kid who asked questions all the time. What can I say? I loved learning. And I still do. Every part of the process is exciting for me – learning new things, meeting new people, and being inspired. So imagine how excited I was when I left school and discovered my employers would actually pay me to learn.

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  • Community Discussion: Are You Making Progress With Your Blogging?

    Remember the 1st of January 2017? Did you decide “This is the year I’ll start a blog”? Or maybe you set some new blog goals for 2017, prompted by our community discussion? Well, guess what? We’re coming up to the last quarter of the year – just 3 more months remain in 2017. Are you where you want to be with your blogging at this stage of the year? If you haven’t set any goal ...

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  • How You Can Use Your Influence to Help

    Today on the blog we have Sarah Rosberg who founded the Australian Headquarters for charity Rafiki Mwema. I’ve interviewed Sarah to get a charity’s perspective on how you can best help them with your influence as a blogger. Sarah’s tips include the kinds of activities you can do that help (with some great examples), how to choose a cause to support and how to overcome some of ...

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  • Community Discussion: Should Bloggers Ask For Donations?

    Bloggers calling for donations or reader contributions like “buy me a beer” or “buy me a coffee” have been around for over ten years, as has the debate over whether they should. Now however, with more mainstream media putting up paywalls, the growth of subscription based content providers and the rise of crowdfunding, is it a better time for bloggers to put their hand out too? ...

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  • 5 Ways You Can Use Facebook Groups to Benefit Your Blog

    When you think of using Facebook for your blog, what comes to mind? Declining organic reach? Pay to play? Sharing endless memes just to get engagement? Posting your latest blog post only to hear crickets? But hang on, didn’t all the conversation move from our blog comments to Facebook? Well, yes, that’s where a lot of conversation is happening because that’s where a lot of our audience hangs .

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  • The 3 Biggest Mistakes I Made Starting My Online Business

    Setting out by yourself to start a business can be an exciting and also scary time. Whatever your reason for needing to go solo and make it on your own, what follows is usually a messy experiment of failures and successes than eventually (hopefully) becomes a business you can be proud of, or the makings of an entrepreneur who’s not afraid to give anything a go.

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  • How to monetise your influence type: Platform-Specific Superstar

    When we think of influencers, we generally think of people with huge followings on their blog or social media platforms. There is more to influence than just audience numbers though, which is good news for the majority of us! Different influence types means there are different ways to monetise your influence as well.

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  • How to Pitch Brands When You Have Low Traffic

    A common question from new bloggers is “How big do I have to be before I can start working with brands?” It’s a question that reveals how often emphasis is put on audience size when it comes to marketing spend in the influencer space. There are definitely ways you can change this emphasis to work for, rather than against you.

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  • The 4 Rs That Show a Brand Your Blog is Influential

    One way to monetise your blog is through working with brand partners. This could be anything from sponsored content and affiliate promotions through to ongoing ambassadorships or sponsorships. In any case, there are a number of factors I consider when it comes to determining if a blogger is “influential” and can be successful in securing an opportunity with a brand.

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  • 3 Blogger Monetisation Lessons from Facebook’s Branded Content Policy Update

    So apparently the (Facebook blue) sky fell and then picked itself back up again, but not before everyone went completely bananas over yet another policy update. It doesn’t really matter what the policy update is this time (although we’ll get to that, and key lessons, soon). The more interesting thing to ponder is why does everyone go bananas? It’s because anyone with an inves ...

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