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  • 7 Ways to Build Initial Visibility for Your Online Blog or Business

    In a perfect world, if you had a good idea or product, people would be able to find it with ease, and they’d flock to you without anything standing in the way. Unfortunately, this isn’t how the world works; even if you have an amazing idea, you might not be able to connect with an initial audience for it without some help.

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  • The Marketing Value of Publishing Niche Content

    When it comes to content marketing, there are a couple of different strategic directions you can pursue. You can choose to publish a bunch of general content and attract a large volume of low-returning traffic, or you can publish very specific content and appeal to a lower volume of higher-returning traffic.

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  • Reviews or Comparisons: Choosing The Right Content Approach

    Two of the most popular ways to present products are review posts that focus on the details of a single product and side-by-side comparisons that allow buyers to look at competing options. But while both of these strategies have strengths, which one has the best overall sales advantage? The answer likely has more to do with the products than the presentation strategies themselves.

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  • 3 Marketing Tactics to Drive Traffic to Your Landing Page

    As you probably know, a landing page is an excellent tool for improving rankings and solidifying brand identification. However, landing pages are only effective if they’re able to attract traffic in the first place. This is a difficult trick to master, but mid-size businesses looking to jump to the corporate level must tackle this facet of digital marketing.

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  • 6 Secondary Factors That Influence Content Campaign Success

    You already know the basics of content marketing; produce high-quality pieces of content that people want to read and promote them, attracting more people to your brand and increasing the loyalty of fans you’ve already attracted. Because of this, even newcomers to the strategy are aware of some of the most important best practices for a campaign, including identifying the right ...

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  • 4 Marketing Minded Strategies for Handling Negative Feedback

    It happens to all of us – an unhappy customer’s words catch your attention on social media or through a survey. They’re displeased with your product, your service, or both, and you aren’t sure how to respond. Whether you agree or disagree, however, you need to do something. In this age, an unhappy customer left untended only breeds more discontent.

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  • 4 Online Marketing Tools Landlords Can Use to Fill Vacancies

    When your properties are vacant, you’re losing money. It’s the most common challenge many landlords face, particularly in regions where the housing market isn’t strong. You want to fill your properties, and fast. But being able to do that in this age requires a level of online marketing savvy that many landlords don’t have.

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  • Facebook: The Key to an Effective Social Strategy

    Every social media strategy is different. Following a mold or completely copying your competition’s plan won’t do you any good. You must develop a strategy that’s reflective of your brand’s voice and appropriately targets your audience. With that being said, there is one piece that must be present in every small business social media strategy: Facebook.

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  • 5 Ways To Use SEO To Concentrate On a Niche Audience

    There’s a lot of information out there about SEO. A lot of it is dated. A lot of it is incorrect. And a lot of it deals with general SEO for general purposes. But especially if you’re a company that’s trying to interact with a very specific audience, there are tips and tricks further into the trade that can help you get the most out of your search engine optimization efforts.

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  • How to Write a Great Product Review for Your Blog

    Published 1 min ago 41 Product reviews are a great venue for marketers to get the word out. Bloggers everywhere write them, but the problem is that not all bloggers write good ones. Often, marketers will use the review format to try to manipulate buyers. Some independent reviewers only post negative opinions, while others simply don’t review the item with the appropria ...

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  • Strategies and Techniques for Marketing an Online Course Offering

    Businesses should always be looking for ways to develop additional revenue streams, especially when they’re natural to the core value offerings already being presented. And while there are many different options for creating alternative revenue streams, one option that’s conducive to growth is educational courses and training.

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  • 3 Ways Your Content Marketing Strategy Can Be Improved Today

    If you have plans for your business to find long-term success, you’ve likely already been working on a content marketing strategy for some time. With the amount of people using the Internet to do research, find information and make purchases, businesses can no longer afford to neglect their online presence, especially when it comes to the distribution of information in the fo ...

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  • 5 Online Privacy Tips For Security Dependent Industries

    Privacy is important for everyone. Privacy is important for businesses. And privacy is of particular importance for security-dependent industries like the medical sector, the financial sector, and the military sector. But even with all of the importance put on those facts, both regarding personal and professional practicality, it’s amazing that more steps aren’t taken to ensu ...

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  • 5 SEO Myths That Make Your Business Look Bad

    SEO is an industry with a fast pace—thanks to the ever-evolving sophistication of search algorithms, the continuous emergence of new online technologies, and frequent changes in demographic trends, SEO rarely stays the same for long. Adept SEO practitioners can identify and predict these changes, altering their own approaches and evolving with the times.

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  • 5 Networking Tips for Content Marketers

    Published 1 min ago 49 As a content marketer, you shouldn’t expect clients to come to you. While you’ll inevitably attract leads through word of mouth and referrals, you likely won’t be successful without taking action from time to time. Being proactive is a critical component of growing your business.

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  • Outstanding Business Plans: Writing Your Way To Success

    Whether you’re launching a new business or starting a new program within an existing company, creating a business plan is a necessary step. A business plan will help guide you by setting benchmarks, program deadlines, and a structured budget. At the same time, however, creating a business plan can seem like a huge undertaking – all encompassing, the kind of gargantuan task we endlessly put off.

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  • Tips On Marketing Your Crowdfunding Page

    You market your website, your business in general, and even your social media accounts. You market yourself because marketing is the one sure thing to breed a successful business. Whether you are an established business, or you are just getting started, marketing is important. Even if you aren’t a business, but you started a crowdfunding campaign to earn money for something, ...

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