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  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday’s Email Story

    The biggest shopping holiday of the year has passed us again! What wisdom has Black Friday and Cyber Monday bestowed upon the email marketing world this year? Download your own copy of the infographic! Comparing email opens year over year, we saw the peaks before both Black Friday and Cyber Monday hit earlier, indicating customers started looking for deals earlier in the week than in previo.

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  • Webinar Replay: Getting Mobile Consumers to Bite with Apple Pay

    Apple Pay™ launched on October 20th. This is exciting for marketers! Why? Apple Pay™ is going to put an even bigger emphasis on the importance of mobile as consumers can complete purchases by simply scanning their finger on their iPhone (6 or 6 Plus) or iPad (Air 2 or Mini 3). It’s being championed as the solution that will start the consumer shift to mobile payments.

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  • The Solution to iOS 8’s Video Problem

    A few weeks ago we discovered a few bugs that came along with Apple‘s iOS 8 rollout. According to our tests HTML5 video was not functioning as expected as videos appeared as a poster image with a play button, but when you tap the button, the video didn’t play. We found a solution! After investigating the issues iOS 8 was causing for video, we’ve developed a solution for the ...

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  • What iOS 8 Holds in Store for Email

    Just ahead of the iPhone 6 launch last week, Apple rolled out the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 8. The release brought a number of great new features, but it also contained a few bugs. We’ve conducted some testing on the Mail app in iOS 8 and have identified that HTML5 video is not functioning as expected.

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  • Comedy Central’s Marketing Strategy Is No Joke

    Copyright Direct Marketing News Engaging an audience that takes humor seriously requires an approach that’s at the same time quick-witted and pervasive. There are many ways to describe Walter Levitt. A quick look at his Twitter profile will tell you that he’s the CMO of Comedy Central, a father, and a Montreal bagel lover.

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  • Email is Dead…Think Again!

    You’ve heard it many times before – the claim that “email is dead.” But that’s just not true. In fact, TechCrunch says that email newsletters are hot right now. They’ve seen a shift in websites encouraging readers from “liking” them on Facebook, to now getting them to sign-up for an email subscription.

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  • Bass Pro Shops Reels in Holiday Email Revenue!

    Back in July Bass Pro Shops’ #REELTHANKS campaign made our list of Emails We Love. Their integrated digital campaign sought to increase social engagement and give back to the community through AMVETS. They used device targeting to send optimized emails for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices as well as streamed live social feeds and used deep linking to make it easier for t ...

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