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  • 5 SEO Myths Debunked by Data [SPONSORED]

    This is a sponsored post, the data mining of which was done by the SimilarWeb team, using the SimilarWeb PRO platform. Remember those SEO “truths” that everyone used to believe in? Like how keyword stuffing and amassing loads of inbound links was the way to go? Over the years, we have learned ranking number one is not the most crucial aspect for SERP, and buying ads won’t ne ...

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  • 5 Actionable Steps to Get Your Site in Shape for 2015 [SPONSORED]

    Everyone is waiting to get back in shape when it comes to the New Year, including upgrading their online presence, including their website. SEO PowerSuite put together an overview of what they think we can expect and how to prepare for SEO success in 2015. When running with Google, you have to know the best strategies even in the face of constant change.

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  • Industry Trained – Part 2 Ground Rules

    A Girlfriends Guide to Affiliate Management – Part 2 Let’s Get Trained – The Ground Rules Well, let’s dive right in. Two weeks ago I gave you an overview of the “Industry Trained” concept. This week I’m getting down and dirty – and I mean Down and Dirty. This may sound like a talk I’m about to dish out to my teenage daughter, but right now it is what it is.

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  • Powerful Insight: A Review [Sponsored]

    I love SEO tools, which means I got really excited when I was asked to try out on behalf of SEJ. I was given the Pro account to check the product out and I quickly realized that SimilarWeb Pro isn’t just an SEO tool; it’s actually like having a pair of x-ray goggles you hope your competition doesn’t know about.

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