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  • Google Tone: Noisy URL Sharing From Google

    Google Tone: Noisy URL Sharing From Google Google are forever playing around with their new acquisitions to create new tools and toys for the rest of us. One idea, built in a single afternoon for fits and giggles, is Google Tone. Before long, this fun little idea was being used regularly around the Google offices, and a new publicly available extension was born… What Is ...

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  • La Vitesse – Sort Out Your Site Speed

    Site speed. Forever on the ‘To Do’ list, rarely prioritised, especially by the over 30s. I am one so I can say that. It doesn’t matter how many times I bemoan site owners for not treating it as a priority, the sheer finickity nature of improving site speed means they often avoid addressing it for vast swathes of time.

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  • 4 Tips For Increasing Social Media Engagement

    This is the transcript for our new video. Hello, today I’m going to share four tips for increasing your social media engagement. First one is brand voice consistency. Now, you probably have a brand voice already, whether you know it or not, for your offline activities, whereby you’ll speak in a certain manner, depending on what product or services and who your audience is.

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  • Are SEOs Still Seen As Snake Oil Salesmen?

    In days gone by we digital marketers may have referred to ourselves as SEOs. Obviously SEO is a fundamental part of what we do, but the term is just not broad enough to encompass everything we need to do these days to build successful campaigns and reach our goals. As we have changed and adapted, has the public perception of the industry changed? At the start it was easy, a ...

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  • 10 Conversion Optimisation Tips For Your Business

    Sometimes it can be hard to see past vanity metrics to what really matters for any site – final conversions. You can have all the impressions in AdWords, all the clicks in Analytics, the lowest bounce rate; but if your users aren’t converting then what is the point? Types of Conversion A conversion can be anything you want it to be, ideally something that can be tracked.

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  • How To Write a Marketing Email

    I doubt there’s many people in the world with an email account who don’t receive at least 3 marketing emails every single day. But what factors decide whether recipients read them or send the straight to the trash file? Database How you acquire your database is very much an individual choice. Some companies only market to existing customers, or those who have agreed to be em ...

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  • An Introduction To Social Media Advertising

    This is the transcript for our new video. Hello. Today we’re going to look quickly at getting started with social media advertising. We talked in previous videos about where companies that don’t use social media enough or don’t see it as a priority for their business. Social media advertising is kind of the same thing.

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  • Getting Started With Social Media Advertising

    With the increasing amount of time spent on Social Media – many brands are opting to take advantage of the paid advertising options available. This is an attractive option for many brands in search of connecting with customers and seeing a tangible return on investment. Let’s look at the options available, and how your business will benefit.

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  • Getting Yourself Heard – a Case Study from the Music Industry

    It’s never been easy getting yourself heard, especially in the music industry. With the advent of the internet it’s now easy to put yourself out there, but getting heard by the right people is incredibly hard. Getting noticed in the vast ocean of aspiring artists all posting videos, writing blogs, utilising social media is like trying to stand out in…well, an ocean of other aspiring artists.

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  • How To Use YouTube To Market Your Branded Content

    YouTube is a great marketing tool and can help build brand awareness in record time. In this short guide we look at ways to utilise this fantastic resource to enhance your Video Marketing and Digital Marketing efforts. From branding and strategy, to population and social media tips, here’s what your business needs to know when it comes to YouTube.

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  • Top Tips for Creating Meta Data

    This is the transcript for our new video. Hi, there. Today we’re just going to briefly look at a few tips for creating Meta data for your website. The first thing to think about is what Meta data is. The papers will have you thinking it’s all this sort of Snowden-based stuff and really exciting, but actually it’s information about information or data about data.

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  • Top Tips for Creating Meta Data

    Meta data is only one piece of the SEO jigsaw, however it is a pretty big and important part. Getting it wrong or being lazy will hold you at a disadvantage to your competitors, and hinder your ability to rank well for targeted search terms. Here we will look at which Meta tags you need to employ on your website and why, plus tips for creating effective Meta data.

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