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  • Earned Media and Its Role in Your Marketing Strategy

    So my last two blog posts have covered owned media and paid promotion, which must mean that it’s time to talk about the final strand of the trifecta: earned media. As I’ve said before (and you’re probably sick of hearing now), a combination of owned, paid, and earned media is essential for any marketing strategy.

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  • Owned Media: An Overview

    In my last post, I briefly touched on one of three points in the promotion trifecta: paid. Looking back, I should have probably started with the linchpin of all media: owned! Today I’m going to take you on a quick stroll through owned media including what it is, why you need it, and how to get started. What Exactly is Owned Media? It’s all in the name, baby.

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  • 3 Great Paid Promotion Channels to Boost Your Content

    When it comes to content, uploading your latest article or infographic to the blog isn’t enough; people don’t, and won’t, find your content by accident. Unless you’re a big brand or a well-known blogger, it’s unlikely that anyone will be visiting your blog regularly just to see what you’ve posted about recently.

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  • 7 Tools to Create Visual Content on a Budget

    As cliché as it sounds, we eat with our eyes. I’m not just talking about how a plate of food is, or isn’t, presented to us in a restaurant, but also how content is presented to us. This image brought to you by Canva, one of the suggested tools. With the evolution of Panda, webmasters and content marketers alike are upping their production game.

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  • Four Alternatives to the Old-Fashioned Brainstorm

    From ideas to answers, and even feedback, the good ol’-fashioned brainstorm seems to be the default solution. However, if it’s creative ideas that you’re after, a brainstorm isn’t always your best bet. Today, I’m sharing 4 alternatives to the traditional brainstorm. Jeffrey Paul Baumgartner wrote a really interesting article back in May of last year on why brainstorming is not very creative.

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  • Forget Me Not: TLC for the Neglected Pages on Your Site

    When you were planning your new site (or updating your old one), I can bet that there were some pages that you just waved your hand at, exclaiming “that can wait until after it’s launched; it’s not that important”. Those ‘unimportant’ pages, however, are probably some of your most important, and most frequently viewed.

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