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  • Colour psychology in marketing

    I bet you’ve heard that purple is a regal colour, red is a warning and blue is calming. These statements are repeated often but are they even true? While there may be some truth to these colour associations, it’s much too simplified. How we react and feel about colour is a mix of our personal experiences, our expectations, how we individually see colour with our eyes, and cont ...

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  • Why should I keep blogging? It’s not working!

    There is a common query we hear: Should I keep blogging? I don’t think it’s working. The short answer is, yes, you should keep going. It’s important to understand that content marketing (which includes blogging) is a ‘slow-drip’ process. But just because it’s a slow process doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing. It takes time to build interest and loyalty.

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  • What is the best time of day to be creative?

    Working at a creative agency, we see a huge range of people walk through our doors: from photographers and actors, through to bankers and mining professionals. What they all have in common is an interest in getting their project off the ground. Some feel inspired and full of ideas, while others feel overwhelmed and unsure. Whatever camp you are in, that’s no problem.

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  • Here’s why video works as a marketing tool

    A picture is worth a thousand words, so they say. I couldn’t imagine what a video is worth, then. Collectively, we watch around one billion hours of video per day and that’s just YouTube’s figures; we haven’t even included the numbers from other video, so that figure is, astonishingly, fairly conservative.

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  • This will shock you! (Why clickbait headlines work)

    The internet has given us many wonderful things: social connectivity; convenience in shopping, banking, and education; immediate news; and so on. Something that does not fall into this category is the nauseating clickbait headline. You know the ones: “What you’ll read next will shock you.” “This will blow your mind.” “You’ll never believe what happened next.

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  • What do we share on social media?

    What compels us to share one item online but not another? There’s no black and white answer, but there are several crucial factors at play. Let’s first look at the content that rose to the top last year. Doing the hard yards for us, BuzzSumo examined 2016’s most shared content across all social platforms, with some interesting findings.

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  • The most popular content of 2016: what you need to know

    I know that it’s April 2017, and 2016 seems like a distant memory, but this is the perfect time to look at the most popular news articles from last year. After all, the slowpokes have had the opportunity to read November and December’s content, we’re back into the nitty-gritty of blogging, and we’ve had time to have a good look at what stood out.

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  • Blogs that became thriving businesses

    I remember a time not too long ago when blogs were viewed in a fairly negative fashion. They were considered a hobby, a place where regular folk could mull over the issues close to their heart while sitting at home in their pyjamas. It was not all that uncommon for blogs to be viewed with contempt. How times have changed.

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  • How do you make a dull topic interesting?

    So you’ve found yourself saddled with a boring topic. You’re certainly not alone –all writers have had a less-than-stellar subject matter on their hands at one point or another. However, I would argue that there are very few universally dull topics — simply because everyone is interested in different things. Some people truly want to know the technical complexities of a software package.

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  • Why your business needs Pinterest

    When those in business think of the social media platforms they need, they invariably jump to the conclusion that Facebook is a must, yet overlook others that have the potential to deliver amazing results. Pinterest definitely falls in the latter category. The collage-like, virtual “vision board” that is Pinterest has been around since 2010.

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  • Why you need quizzes in your marketing strategy

    Have you ever wondered what kind of dog you are? Probably not, but you can find the answer anyway, thanks to one of the most popular quizzes on the web. Popular is an understatement. This particular quiz has racked up more than 11 million views to date. If finding your spirit dog doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can take a quiz to see what American accent you have, with The New Y ...

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  • 4 ways to convince budget holders to invest in video

    When I was growing up, if ever I wanted to borrow money from my parents to buy something, I had to prove to them why I needed it and how I would pay them back the money. I’d try and tell them that the new pair of trainers would guarantee to make me a better athlete and the new cricket bat would not only make me a better player but they would also reach a level of joy from watch ...

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  • 8 infographics that will inspire you to create your own

    Infographics are incredibly effective tool in visual storytelling, but they are often overlooked in content marketing strategies. Here’s why you shouldn’t ignore them any longer. Not only are they a great way to condense complex information but they also make statistics pop off the page, they are memorable and engaging for the reader, and they can make a particular emotional ...

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  • Why your business needs Instagram

    Instagram isn’t just an outlet for the selfie-obsessed. The photo-sharing site is now a bona fide social media juggernaut — with recent statistics revealing that Instagram now has more than 500 million users. Some 300 million of those log in daily. What’s more, 80 per cent of Instagrammers live outside of the United States — a positive for brands all over the globe wanting to r ...

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  • When to post on social media

    You’re armed with updates and ready to share them with the world. Now comes the common conundrum: how do you best reach your social media followers? Should you post first thing in the morning or lunchtime? Are weekends ‘out of bounds’ for business? And do the rules differ depending on the platform? Social media is undeniably a vital aspect of any marketing strategy in today’s ...

  • Guaranteed ways to unleash your inner creative beast

    What do you imagine when you think of a creative person? An artist? A writer? An actor, perhaps? The truth is, every last person on this planet has the ability to be exceptionally creative. The trick lies in allowing yourself — or relearning how — to be creative. You might think, or were told as a youngster, that you are more of an analytical or logical person rather than creative.

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  • The blogging blunders you need to avoid: Part 2

    We recently wrote about how blogging can seem like a very simple thing to do. We also talked about how the reality can take people by surprise, because there are so many other facets to consider to produce a blog that really sparkles. You can read Part 1 of the article here. In Part 2 we cover even more blogging blunders that need to be avoided if you want to be successful: In ...

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  • The blogging blunders you need to avoid: Part 1

    Blogging seems easy on the face of it. After all, we can all write to some extent, and many blogs are written from an opinion standpoint, so it seems like something you just need sit down and donate an hour or so to doing. This, as many people discover the hard way, is not an accurate account of blog writing.

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