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  • Steal These Ideas: 2015 Holiday Email Inspiration Guide

    We’ve published a new installment to our Holiday Email Marketing Series. So far, we’ve looked back at 2014’s data, learned the trends, and shared some sage advice from our Marketing and Client Experience teams. But for this eBook, we wanted to take it back to our favorite topic: designing amazing emails. Our team compiled a list of holi ...

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  • [Webinar] How Amazon Does Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    Even though we’re barely into September, for the past two weeks, everyone’s been buzzing about Holiday 2015. We have too: last week we released this infographic as the first part in our holiday content series. While lingering on the past for too long can be counterproductive, it’s certainly helpful to look back on 2014 to see what worked, what didn’t, who dominated the compe ...

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  • Weekend Reading: A Big 5 Days

    It’s been a busy week here at Movable Ink. We returned from MediaPost’s Cross Channel Marketing Insider Summit, released the first part of our holiday content series, and celebrated our end of summer company soirée last night. We’re excited to relax this weekend, and in the meantime, here are a few things to catch up on: We hosted a webinar with Boombox last Thursday all ab ...

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  • [Infographic] Get Ready for Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2015

    The holiday season always manages to sneak up without warning. Halloween is fast approaching in just two months and Thanksgiving and Christmas follow right behind it. Marketers: don’t let this time of year stress you out! We’ll be releasing a five part holiday content series aimed at making marketers’ lives much easier.

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  • Five More Questions To Ask When Choosing A Marketing Technology

    When it comes to marketing technology, we have more choice than ever! There are an abundance of new solutions, all promising to make our lives easier and drive results for our brands. At the same time, we have more budget to spend on these technologies. According to Econsultancy, 77% of companies will be increasing their digital marketing budgets in 2015 – the highest rate sin ...

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  • 5 Examples of Contextual Email Marketing

    This year has seen a lot of marketing trends come and go, but one of the most important ones has been context. When we’re talking about customer context, we’re actually talking about the new reality of email marketing: customers could be anywhere and doing anything when they’re checking their email. That puts a big burden on your email campaigns.

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  • 6 Reasons We’re Excited to Be Back From Experian’s Client Summit

    They say ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’. But last week, the Movable Ink team returned to New York City from the Experian Client Summit with some news worth sharing. One of the conference highlights was the 2015 #SuiteLife Awards ceremony, which was live streamed from the main stage on the last day of the conference.

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  • Founder Stories: A Session with Vivek Sharma

    Every startup has a story. Some are longer than others, but at their core they all contain a ‘lightbulb’ idea, lots of hard work, and a dynamic individual (or individuals) who keep the dream alive. Our co-founder and CEO, Vivek Sharma, has long been active in the Lean Startups Meetup (which has now become the Founder Stories Meetup).

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  • [Webinar] Quizzes and Context: Generating Leads and Turning Them into Customers

    Are You More Mary Poppins Or Maria Von Trapp? Can We Guess Your Zodiac Sign Based On Your Favorite TV Show? These are both real Buzzfeed quizzes (you can take them here and here, respectively), and while you may not know your results (yet), you probably do know that online quizzes have made a major comeback. Don’t believe us? The numbers speak for themselves.

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  • The Most Important Thing to Optimize in Email Marketing

    Subject lines. Time of day. Mobile Calls-to-action. Colors, layout, headers, columns. If you’re an email marketer, this is a pretty standard optimization laundry list. There’s always something that can be improved and optimization is a perpetual process, not a goal. That said, many email marketers seem to be forgetting one of the most important things to optimize in their email campaigns.

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  • [RESEARCH] Desktop Conversions Rebound in Q2 2015

    Earlier this year, we conducted our first-ever analysis of conversions driven by email on mobile devices. Our latest edition of the US Consumer Device Preference Report continues this analysis to see to see how online consumers were purchasing products today. To our surprise, it seems that desktop conversions are making a rebound after last quarter.

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  • Why the Future of Email Marketing is Hyperlocal

    Think about how many times you checked your email in the past twenty-four hours. How many times were you on your computer? How many times were you scrolling through your inbox on your phone? If you’re like most people, you’re probably accessing the majority of your emails on mobile devices. In our most recent US Consumer Device Preference Report, we found that more than two- ...

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  • [Video] How to A/B Test in Real Time

    Email marketers know that to really have success in email, you have to optimize, optimize, optimize. That means experimenting with subject lines, format, time of send, and more. Of course, to test effectively, you have to split up your audience – which means that half of them receive less compelling creative. When Email A outperforms Email B by 50%, that can be a big problem.

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  • 3 Reasons We’re Excited for the Experian Client Summit

    In a little under a week, the Movable Ink team will head out to Las Vegas for Experian’s Client Summit. As we’re packing our bags and getting ready to travel, we thought we’d let you in on three reasons we’re especially excited about this year’s conference: 1. We’re speaking about our passion We’ll always jump at the chance to share our love of contextual marketing.

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