Lee Frederiksen

  • The Psychology of Social Media Marketing: 4 Ways to Increase Interaction

    In my marketing career, I often find myself drawing on my background as a former professor of psychology. Psychology informs much of our work and research here at Hinge as we seek to understand how buyers think, and help sellers improve communication, service offerings, and client relationships. As marketers continue to adopt social media as an integral part of their marketing ...

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  • 3 Tips to Optimize a Content Offer in Professional Services

    So after a great deal of hard work, you’ve managed to get the right piece of content in front of exactly the right audience. Congrats! But don’t pat yourself on the back for too long, because that’s not the end of the story. What happens after a visitor reads your blog post or watches your video? Maybe they’ll remember your firm…or maybe not.

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  • How to Build Your Reputation as an Expert

    This story is familiar for many professional services firms: You know your firm is full of experts. Perhaps your clients know it, too. But it’s a quiet expertise, and it doesn’t register with the wider marketplace. When buyers engage a professional services provider, we’ve seen that expertise is their number one priority.

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