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  • Our Top 10 Influencer Marketing Posts of 2017 Plus Thoughts on 2018

    This year demonstrated an explosion of interest in influencer marketing bringing with it a sharp increase in attention as well as implementation successes and failures. The mixed bag of advice for any shiny new object of marketing attention like working with influencers brings uncertainties, especially with rapid innovation, increased competition and self serving “influencer ...

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  • 25 Women Who Rock Digital Marketing – Nominated by Men

    2017 marks the 8th year we’ve published a list featuring “women who rock” in the digital marketing space. I started the list in 2010 with social media specifically and after 5 years handed the reins over to Ashley Zeckman for a few years when the focus has broadened to digital marketing. In the past I would ask each years’ honorees to nominate someone for the following year and so on.

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  • Top 10 Content Marketing Posts of 2017

    Content makes the Marketing world go ‘round, especially with our work here at TopRank Marketing. While content has been a steady drumbeat in the marketing mix over the past 7-8 years, marketers are still hungry for best practices, examples and the latest trends. Lucky for our readers, we have excellent content marketers contributing to our blog including Ashley Zeckman, Josh ...

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  • Happy Holidays from the Team at TopRank Marketing

    It’s that time of year again, where here in Minnesota the snow is falling, the temperatures are dropping and hearts are warming with thankfulness and appreciation. 2017 has been a year of change, evolution and innovation for the digital marketing industry and at TopRank Marketing, we are incredibly grateful for the attention and trust that our community and clients and have ...

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  • Connecting the Dots from Data to Better Customer Experience

    I love how Tom Fishburne aka marketoonist always does a great job of showcasing marketing truths. While the focus for marketers to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time is nothing new, it’s also safe to say that we have a lot of work to do. For example, I was recently in the position of having to look for a new external battery charger.

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  • 5 Ways Influencer Marketing Drives Performance Across the Customer Lifecycle

    Much of what we hear about influencer marketing is centered around reach and engagement objectives. This is not unlike the early days of social media marketing programs where platform capabilities and user behaviors created a perfect storm for connection and interaction. Fast forward to today and we’ve certainly learned that social media is not a silo of communication, but mo ...

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  • Here we Grow Again: Welcome New VP Katie Uphus to TopRank Marketing

    TopRank Marketing evolved from PR to digital marketing agency in the mid 2000’s, right about the time our new VP of Operations got into agency project management. Twelve years and multiple advancements from a creative agency Director of Production to Senior Director of Operations later, Katie Uphus has now joined the team as Vice President at TopRank Marketing.

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  • Be the Best Answer: 5 Steps to Grow Influence for Your Brand

    “Be the Best Answer” is an expression my team and I have used many times in client strategy planning, training, presentations, webinars, blogging, and in my book Optimize about the intersection of search with owned, earned, paid and shared media. Being present in a relevant, credible and useful way on all the channels where buyers are looking is a powerful (but often difficu ...

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  • Digital Marketing News: Pinterest PPC, Facebook Sets, Online Beats Offline Shopping

    Need help understanding Machine Learning? We now live in an age where machines can teach themselves without human intervention. Sound scary? It should. Scary amazing that is. Applications for machine learning extend from marketing to medicine to interstellar space travel. Find out what Machine Learning is, how it works, and how it will change the world. Infographic.

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  • The State of Minnesota Marketing: Insights from 6 Minnesota Brands

    Minnesota is home to numerous nationally and internationally known brands, ranging from household consumer names like Target and Best Buy to giants like Cargill and United Healthcare. Given their broad focus, their home state isn’t a singular marketing focus for these big companies. But what about brands where the state brand plays a part of the company brand? What impact doe ...

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