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  • Thinking Beyond the Sale – Practical E-commerce Optimisation Tips

    A large proportion of e-commerce websites are very proficient at creating the fundamentally optimised product and category content that delivers some degree of ranking and results from organic search. A few companies have taken note of targeted SEO tactics for e-commerce sites and applied additional actions supporting wider search gains.

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  • Identifying and Creating Content That Works

    It is almost impossible to find someone working in digital marketing, who wouldn’t agree with the statement that ‘effective content identification and creation is one of the most important elements of digital success’. Yet comparatively few companies are creating content that really works, and this article will help fix that.

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  • Preparing Your Website for the Winter – Your Winter Ready Guide

    9 November 2016 BY Lee Wilson The winter season means myriad things to many industries, but whatever your circumstances, this valuable time of year can revitalise your web presence, increase your website health, and support growth in quarter one 2017. In this winter ready website guide, we explore practical ways to make the most from your website before the end of the yea ...

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  • 5 Reasons You Need to Consider Using Chatbots for Business

    24 August 2016 BY Lee Wilson Chatbots are at the foreground within marketing and digital news, and you would struggle to find many digital trends and prediction posts that don’t have some acknowledgement of the value of chatbots for business in 2016 and beyond. If you are not familiar with Chatbots, put simply, a chatbox is a form of computer program that has been created ...

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  • 10 Strategies From For-Profit Companies That Pay Off For Non-Profit Marketing

    Non-profit marketing must catch attention, provoke emotion, and inspire people to act now! The digital marketing approach to non-profit success is a multi-faceted one and often requires B2B and B2C target persona consideration. Added to this, charitable and non-profit businesses tend to include requirements for delivering varied expected outcomes, ranging from donations by ...

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  • Your Guide to Creating Effective White Papers

    When it comes to driving prospects through a challenging buying process, or educating your audience on complex aspects within your industry, white papers are one of the most relevant and effective content types to deploy. They are also very easy to get wrong! In this guide, I am going to give you best practice advice for creating effective white papers and also delve into t ...

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  • What is the Future for Traditional Advertising Agencies?

    The future for traditional agencies is one where artificial intelligence (AI), machine to machine learning, deep data, plus human and computer teamwork, all have a prominent place. In fact, this future is already happening for some agencies. This change, as well as the driving force behind it, is the focus of this post.

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  • Five Reasons Your Blog Will Never Convert

    It always surprises me how quickly companies write off blogs because they don’t convert, or are resigned to creating new content for a blog that doesn’t actively contribute towards end results and ROI. Neither of these scenarios need to happen. The focus of this post is on conversion rate optimization (CRO) for blogs.

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