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  • 3 brands that do email marketing right

    Retailers are pushing out millions of emails every day, most of which end up being ignored — or worse — sent to the spam folder. Many more are simply dropped by an ISP. And most marketers are misfiring on the timing, the subject lines and the content. Only a few are consistently getting it right, and among these brands, in my opinion, are Uber, eBay and REI (disclosure: Uber ...

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  • Email in 2017: Dying platform or still a worthy investment?

    Email has proven to be a solid investment; over the past few years, it’s seen over $365 million in investment across a broad range of email-centric companies. In 2016, we saw a flurry of funding events, exits, consolidation and divestments. This series of events begs the question: Which way are the winds blowing for companies in the digital communications space? The “marketi ...

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