Lenka Istvanova

  • 6 Business Benefits Of Using Instagram

    As visual content becomes more popular on Social Media, it also becomes increasingly important for brands to create and leverage. This shift to visual social media means that more and more businesses, big and small, are starting to communicate visually with their fans, followers and customers. One of the most popular platforms that will enable you to leverage the power of this ...

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  • Creating The Perfect Blog Post

    This is the transcript for our new video. Hi there. Today I’m going to talk a lot about the perfect blog post, the key elements that make it up, and how to create one. So if you have a blog on your website, but you don’t get the results that you want, your readers don’t stick around, or they don’t share your blog post, you might find this video useful as we will have a look at ...

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  • The Importance Of Keeping Your Social Media Profiles Active

    Following on from Kieran’s blog post where he looked at the core components of Social Media strategy, today I will take a closer a look at why it’s important to keep your Social Media accounts active and the benefits you can gain. However, before I start there is one thing your business needs know – there are no shortcuts to regular Social Media activity and you will need to a ...

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