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  • How bots ruin on-site experiences for real humans

    From the rugged alleys of Sweetwater to Facebook feeds filled with fake news, the impact of bots has never been greater. With bots now accounting for a majority of online traffic, they have moved on from just giving marketers headaches to destabilizing digital economies and perhaps even electing presidents.

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  • Entrepreneurial lessons from an amateur poker player

    Shortly after I sold my first company, a friend took me to the poker tables at a casino in Florida. I had never played the game before, so my friend gave me a quick tutorial before we bought chips and sat down at one of the amateur tables. My loss was swift and absolute: in less than an hour, I lost five hands and was out $200.

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  • It’s time to replace mobile-friendly with mobile-first

    As more early holiday shopping data pours in, 2016 looks poised to be the year of the small-screen sofa shopaholic. While brick-and-mortar traffic slipped on Black Friday, savvy shoppers took advantage of deals on their mobile devices between Grandpa’s toasts and bites of pumpkin pie. This year’s Black Friday was the first $1 billion mobile shopping day in US history, with m ...

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  • Why are retailers are spending more money for the same number of eyeballs?

    The e-commerce industry spends more on digital advertising than on any other vertical. By the end of 2016, digital ad spend will total approximately $15.09 billion. That figure will likely climb to $23.04 billion by 2020. These numbers are staggeringly high for a reason: an investment in digital advertising pays off.

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  • Mobile shopping is hard, but only if retailers keep it that way

    Mobile devices and smartphones have completely changed the way we think, connect and work. Nowhere is this transformation more apparent than in the way we shop. While the rise of e-commerce itself has forced retailers to conduct their business in fundamentally different ways, the explosive increase in ownership and usage of mobile devices presents entirely new challenges and ...

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  • How the ‘average user’ has ruined e-commerce experiences

    As consumers, we understand that every website we visit, as well as every interaction experienced on that site, is delivered as the result of untold hours of behind-the-scenes work. No website is an accident; everything has been tested thoroughly to deliver optimal outcomes, especially in online retail.

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