Liam Fisher

  • Reflecting on ‘Messages in the Deep’

    In the period running up to Mozcon 2014, Richard came to us with a proposition: he wanted us to market ourselves. We’d undergone a lot of change as a company, both in taking on some very talented newcomers and in rebuilding some of the fundamental processes governing how we go about production. This new project aimed to take those new capabilities for a test drive and see wha ...

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  • There is no ‘Creative Method’

    There is no ‘Creative Method’ Recently, I moved into a full-time creative role here at Builtvisible, so now much of my time is spent grasping for inspiration. Somehow, seemingly against all odds and much to my own surprise, I usually manage to find it. Often, people will ask what the process is, what method I use. Honestly, though, my own grasp on how I come by ideas is tenuous at best.

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