Liane Dietrich

  • Building The Business Case For Attribution

    If you’re a marketer, you probably know the feeling — You’re looking back at last quarter’s performance, facing the hard truth that a large portion of your marketing budget seems to have been wasted. You’re navigating multiple performance reports from several vendors across all of your marketing channels, and it’s hard to know exactly where things are going wrong.

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  • Multi-Channel Turns Multi-Generational

    It’s news to no one that mobile devices are playing a growing role in the way consumers interact with advertisers. But it’s not just about a consumer seeing a mobile video ad before she watches David Letterman get an unexpected visit from “the late Harry Caray” (Will Ferrell, of course); or reading a native ad during her commute about the H&M dress debuted at the Met Gala ...

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  • The Affiliate Publisher Evolution

    Affiliate marketing sure looks a lot different than it did 20 years ago. Gone are the flashing banners, pop-up ads and discount-only conversions of years past. While there’s no denying that coupon sites are largely successful today, technology and consumer shopping behavior have evolved, allowing entry for brands looking for a more holistic experience.

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  • Gauging Display Ad Effectiveness: Move Beyond Clicks & Into Engagement

    The rise of omni-channel and a new focus on the consumer has ushered in the need for a different kind of measurement. Gone are the days when metrics like CTR (click-through rate) sufficed. Now, we are increasingly stepping away from measuring online ad success based solely on clicks or impressions and moving toward a more comprehensive understanding of the consumer journey.

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  • Time For A Check-Up: Marketing Strategies For A Successful Second Half

    Do you remember "report card day" at school? There was always an element of excitement in the air, often mixed with a bit of trepidation. While you pretty much knew what to expect going into school that day, it wasn't really official until you saw those grades in black and white. Here we are, all these years later, and we're still being graded — except that now, report cards ...

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