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  • The Site Search SNAFU Even The Biggest Sites Make

    Site search is radically important. Site visitors that use search boxes are more likely to know specifically what they want and are closer to conversion than those just browsing. For ecommerce site search, it’s table stakes to handle plurals and misspellings. Many sites employ autosuggest that help direct customers to successful search results.

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  • Does Your Mobile Home Page Drive Visitors Away?

    Consumer research suggests mobile shoppers prefer mobile websites to retail apps. But if you’ve invested in a companion app and wish to use your mobile home page to promote it, be careful about how you pitch your app — you may unwittingly foster FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) about your mobile experience.

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  • 8 Tips for Mobile Customer Service Usability

    When it comes to mobile commerce, the effort typically goes into getting mobile websites and apps live and mastering responsive design, and obsessing over home page, product page, category, search, menu navigation and mobile checkout usability. But mobile customer service is too important to overlook considering 63% of US adults use mobile to access customer support several ti ...

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  • Back to School: The ABCs of Ecommerce

    It’s Partner Thursday Monday! Today’s post is contributed by ICF Interactive. Adobe’s 2014 North American Partner of the Year, ICF Interactive is a full-service interactive marketing agency that guides brands through informed strategy, inspired design, and technical know-how. For most of the United States, it’s back to school season.

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  • 5 Holiday Conversion Problems and How to Fix ‘Em

    As the “official” holiday season rapidly approaches (for some early birds, it’s already here), prepare for a massive uptick in sales – but also for unique problems that come with the busy season. Let’s examine 5 conversion problems and what you can do about them. Site traffic increases Peak shopping times spike sales but the additional load on your servers may slow down your si ...

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  • The Importance of Customer Reviews [Infographic]

    The New Customer Journey: A Convergence of Content, Context, Channels and Commerce How can brands compete and adopt frameworks for continuous innovation with the customer in mind? First, brands need to adopt a methodical approach to innovation. Brands should carve up their approach to innovation into these phases: - Continuously analyze.

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  • What’s the Toughest to A/B Test on Ecommerce Sites?

    Our friends at Wider Funnel are running an Ask Me Anything event this week. <-- Ask your burning question at this link. I got a head start with my question, gleaning some insights from the trenches from Wider Funnel’s Chris Goward and Alhan Keser on “what test cases are most difficult to test due to testing tool or ecommerce platform constraints?” Chris shares: Shipping options. (e.g.

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  • Ecommerce Digest: August 2015

    As we near the end of summer and rapidly transition into the holiday season, enjoy our choice cuts of ecommerce goodness from the month of August. There’s a lot of talk about the “store of the future” – omnichannel Nirvana, where technology meets the in-store experience. But how is this technically achieved? Our own Matt Dion shares the secret with Total Retail.

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  • Inside the Cross-Device Purchase Journey [Infographic]

    Earlier this week we examined mobile context and mobile apps vs. websites. Today’s infographic looks at the cross-device purchase journey, courtesy of Signal. Tweetables 67% of consumers move between devices when they’re shopping online. 98% switch devices within a single day Tweet this 65% of consumers begin their online purchase path on smartphone.

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  • Understanding Mobile Context: At Home, On the Go and In-store

    Optimizing your mobile experience requires an understanding of mobile’s role in the purchase journey. Device detection only determines the experience format (e.g. responsive design), but it’s the context that best determines the content, offers and features you deliver, and your users’ satisfaction with your websites and apps.

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  • Making Email Social [Infographic]

    What wins, email or social media? Why not have both working together? Today’s infographic looks at email+social integration, from ReachMail Tweetables Only 56% of marketers integrate social with their email marketing program Tweet this Email reaches its intended recipient 9 ...

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  • Unconversion: Optimizing Email Unsubscribe

    No marketer wants email subscribers to defect, but if and when a subscriber wants to opt-out, it’s best not to resist. Not only will your engagement metrics rise by letting the no-longer-interested go, it keeps up your list hygiene and reduces the risk of subscribers marking unwanted messages as spam, which can hurt your sender reputation and deliverability across the board.

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  • 15 Tips for Welcome Email

    Our last post, The Art of Email Sign Up: 18 Dos and Don’ts continues today with welcome email tips. Optimize for the open Send promptly The welcome message is a type of triggered email, and as such, should fire when the context is hot. Ideally your welcome email arrives immediately, when the subscriber is in the mindset of receiving your email.

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  • How Mobile Influences Shopping Behavior [Infographic]

    This week’s infographic comes from Invesp Consulting, breaking down the current state of mobile and commerce. Tweetables Mobile devices now account for 15.4% share of worldwide digital commerce Tweet this Mobile now drives 50% of US online retail traffic Tweet this 55% of in-store shoppers have used mobile devices to ...

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  • The Art of the Email Sign-up: 18 Dos and Don’ts

    Despite the shiny glory of Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and the Facebook, email is not dead. According to Marketing Sherpa, email is consumers’ preferred method of communication with business, eclipsing social media. Research by Econsultancy cites 20% of sales can be attributed to the email channel, and McKinsey found email is once, twice, forty-times as effective as Facebook or Twitter.

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