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  • How Automated Marketing Is Helping Authors Generate Sales

    I was going to be an author when I grew up. There was a whole plan. I’d write my memoir at 27, sipping a latte and staring at some piece of beautiful scenery. It sounded like a nice gig. What I didn’t think about, and what I think many real-life authors don’t think about, is what I would do after I penned my great work.

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  • We Need Your Help! [Take Overit’s Marketing Survey]

    We need your help. Okay, I need your help. One of my big goals this year has been to help Overit design better customer experiences. Experiences that will allow us to provide you with greater “stuff,” most often through content initiatives. After spending my first quarter elbow deep in sales and other excitingness, I finally feel ready (worthy?) to get to know everything tha ...

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  • Your Brand is Everywhere. How Do You Control It?

    Brand. I think about brand often. I think about it in terms of our clients – what is their unique story, how does it connect with their customers, how do we empower those customers to live that story – but I also think about it in terms of Overit. What is Overit’s brand? Is it aligned with Dan’s original vision? Does our brand alter based on where you are sitting – if you ar ...

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  • 5 Types of Emails Your Association Should Be Sending

    You work for an association. You have members, followers or, at minimum, people who look to you to provide them with the information, tools, resources and likeminded connections they need to make them better, faster and/or stronger. The more engaged this audience is kept, the more successful your association will become. You know this.

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  • Defining the Role of CMO – For Overit & An Industry

    Last summer, Overit founder and principal Dan Dinsmore asked me into his office looking to talk. Freshly back from a generous maternity leave, I knew the context – we needed to catch up on The State Of Things. During this meeting, Dan updated me on what I had missed over the last four months, including company successes, struggles we had overcome, the status of key accounts, ...

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  • Creating Your 2017 Marketing Plan (How To)

    You’re late. We are rounding out January and you are waiting to start still putting the finishing touches on that integrated, comprehensive, all-encompassing 2017 marketing plan you promised your boss back when your Halloween candy was still fresh. Your good intentions of having it done before the holidays were foiled because you got busy/ it wasn’t billable/ you didn’t know where to start.

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  • Happy Holidays from Overit

    The day in December when we release the official Overit holiday card is one of my most favorite days of the year. It’s a time when our misfits get to wish yours a very happy and healthy holiday season. When creativity and passion win out over billable hours and when everything comes up magic. This year, our holiday card is a play on the conversation we imagine many of our ag ...

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  • The Overit-Pubcon Takeover

    Get excited! Next week is the week search marketers look forward to all year long – it’s Pubcon Las Vegas! The Overit team is super psyched as we’ll be attending Pubcon in a pretty big way this year. Keep reading to find out what we have going on, where you can find us, and how you can get involved. There’s a lot here so you may want to grab a drink and a snack before continuing.

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  • Can Real-Time Marketing Really Work For Your Brand?

    Melania Trump plagiarized her RNC speech. People are roaming the streets like zombies looking for Pokémon. Taylor, Kim and Kanye are fighting. Again. The new Ghostbusters movie has been released. The world is in turmoil around us. Every day, we wake up to new headlines, celebrity spats and upcoming holiday weekends. As brands and as marketers, we want to be timely and we want to be relevant.

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  • Google to Clients: Go Ahead, Break That Moneymaker

    I’m not a surgeon. I don’t cut people for a living. However, even having never done it, I imagine being a surgeon is pretty difficult. I probably couldn’t read a few blog posts on the topic, or even binge watch a season of House, and then burst into the operating room ready to save your life. If I tried, you would die on the table (sorry). Lots of people would be sad. I’m not a contractor.

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  • Brands and Master Storytellers

    Hey, hey, ad:tech friends. First, thanks for hanging with us during this conference! I’ve made so many new friends and I hope you’ve found the liveblogging coverage useful, or at least entertaining. We’re going to wrap up our time at ad:tech talking about brands as storytellers, which somehow seems very appropriate. I have been waiting for this one.

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  • Marketing Automation

    We’re back in action! Software and platforms are coming to market giving marketers new tools to move the consumer along the buying path while reducing manual processes and tasks. We know this, we’ve heard about the platforms and maybe we’ve even started using them. But now we’re going to learn to do it better. Or, at least that’s the intent of this session.

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  • Your Data is for Crap, Measure Crap Anyways

    MORE DATA! Your boss asks for data. Clients ask for data (but then ignore it). And everyone is talking about data. So let’s learn more about it. Leading the conversation today are Alex Craddock (Blackrock), Mark Donatelli (OgilvyAmp), Michael Moore (Qosmy) and Steve DeAngelis (M&C Saatchi Mobile). Things are happening faster than any marketer can keep up with.

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  • Keynote Presentation: New Consumer Journeys >> New Product Roadmaps

    Good morning! It’s time for Day 2 of ad:tech San Francisco! Are you geared up for this? We’re kicking things off with an all-star morning keynote. Talking about the new customer journey we have Sridhar Ramaswamy (Google), Chia Chen (Digitas), Michael Menis (InterContinental Hotels Group PLC) and Darren Stoll ( Kevin Ryan is our host.

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  • Cheat Codes for Marketers

    Still with us today? Oh, I hope so. It’s the final session of the day and we are greeted by the likes of David Lloyd, DeeAnna McPherson, Megan Estrada and Nick Mattera. They’re here to talk about how to use social media for brand good, not evil. Up first is Megan. Her client is Las Vegas, and her mission is to get more people to go there (is that hard? ;)) From Megan, we le ...

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  • 10 Marketing Mistakes You’re Probably Making

    And we are back! I hope you had time to recharge–your battery, your caffeine intake, both, whatever. We don’t judge. Up next we have Bhavesh K. Shah, Charlie Breit, John Hall, Matt Witt and Michael Kahn who are going to help us stop making stupid marketing mistakes. Moderating is Tommy Perez. This is one of this mythical “all dude panels!” It’s refreshing to see one in the wild. I kid. Mostly.

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  • A Short Guide to Getting Everything You Want

    No rest for the weary, our next session is starting up immediately following the last one! Chris Guillebeau, one of my favorite Internet people, is up to talk about how to get everything you ever wanted. This should be good. We begin. Do you remember when you were six years old and you met a new teacher, one of your parent’s grown up friends or any other random adult? They ...

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  • NON-OBVIOUS: Reluctant Marketers, Glanceable Content, and Other Future Trends

    HEY THERE! Are you ready for some #adtechSF liveblogging? I hope so because we’re going to be coming at you hard over the next two days, and I could not be more excited. Quick side note: Did you know people could get Citizen Arrested in Starbucks? Because that just happened right in front of me this morning and my adrenaline is PUMPING. Expect all of the crazed liveblogging as a result.

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  • 25 Reasons I Hate Your Site On Mobile (& What To Do About It)

    Dear Webmaster, Site Owner and/or Marketing Agency Responsible For Committing UI Atrocities, Let’s talk. Recently I visited your fancy website from a mobile device while trying to read/ buy/ do/ put off something. To be clear, when I say “mobile device,” what I really mean is that I wasn’t on my laptop.

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  • Still Suck At Social Media Marketing in 2015? Fix It

    How’d your social media efforts work out last year? Did you connect with the audience you wanted? Were you able to drive traffic to your site and increase leads from the right types of customers? Did you enjoy it? Or did social media just kinda… sit there, not doing a heck of a lot for you? If it’s the latter, don’t feel too bad. You’re not alone. But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

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