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  • The Signs Your Marketing Isn’t Integrated, and Why It Matters

    Aimlessly scrolling through Facebook the other day, I observed an interaction between a friend (let’s call her Sue) and a major appliance brand. Sue was frustrated with slow and difficult delivery of her washing machine and dryer. First it was missing a piece. The second time the part came in damaged and now she’ll have to take a third day off from work, tip three sets of deliv ...

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  • If You Love Your Marketing, Set It Free

    It’s hard to give up control of our babies. What happens if I turn my back for a minute? Will they fall? Will they make a bad decision? What if I’m not there for a split second to make sure everything goes as it should? I’m not giving parenting advice, I’m giving marketing advice. We can’t always be there to defend our brands.

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  • Getting Attention Is a Seduction, Not a Shouting Match

    Last summer, I ran a trail race called the Cutthroat Classic. It involved 11 miles and 3,000 feet of elevation gain. I was having the time of my life and was moved to tears when I got to the high point. All downhill after that. Not the crowd at Lisa’s Cutthroat Classic, just a crowd. But two miles from the finish, I started to fatigue. I told myself I had two easy miles left. Keep going.

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  • Do You Ignore Most of Your Audience?

    You have an audience. Some have done business with you, will return and tell others how great you are. Others are ready to buy from you or are thinking about buying from you. Some of them have never heard of you but still need you. The difference between average marketing and great marketing, according to Avinash Kaushik in his keynote at Demand Success last week, is that gre ...

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  • How Long Does It Take Blogs to Deliver Results?

    “I define anxiety as experiencing failure in advance.” ― Seth Godin, Poke the Box It’s the million dollar question: when will my blogging, my content marketing, my inbound marketing program start to deliver real results? I have a friend who is a nutritionist and she jokes about writing a book on how to lose weight. It will be called Exercise More; Eat Less. The End.

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  • Social Communications: It’s Walk, Not Just Talk

    I know; you’re on it. Your organization “embraces social media.” You have dedicated staff working the social networks. They are creating and curating content, and interacting with customers. They are talking. But are you taking a good look at the walk? Communications is just as much walk as it is talk. Your actions lead your communications.

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  • Write Great Headlines Fast By Asking 3 Questions

    Writing headlines takes me forever. You know that feeling when you’ve finished your first draft of the article and you think the hard part is over? Then, you can’t get to that perfect headline and you end up spending as much time on it as you did writing the piece. First, there is no shame in putting a lot of time and thought into your headline.

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  • What Story Does Your Pricing Strategy Tell?

    The email came in from an airline announcing their new pricing policy. Headline: Change is Good. It went on to explain how passengers would now pay for everything à la carte. Your airfare is the base price. If you want to check luggage, it costs X; carry on a bag and put it in the overhead, it costs Y; select a seat in advance, it costs Z.

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  • 4 Ways Brands Get Reputation Repair Wrong

    Many millions have been following the rise and fall of Lance Armstrong and wondering if he’ll rise again after his illegal drug usage stripped him of his seven Tour De France titles, delivering a devastating blow to his reputation. The road to reputation repair is long and slow. His road to repair has begun (pun intended) with this video he did for Outside Magazine demonstra ...

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