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  • Why Discounting is An Awful Long-Term Strategy

    Oh boy. It’s time for me to eat some crow. And that’s REALLY difficult for me to do because I have a fear of certain birds. Anyway… There are articles all over the Web about why discounting your products is bad. I ignored them and thought that was odd advice. Some of you warned me about Udemy. I ignored that too.

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  • Your Website Failing Fears: It’s Time to Address Them!

    I sent out a check-in email to my list last week, and I was blown away by how many people said they are stuck in neutral with their sites or businesses. What’s even more interesting is that the underlying reason for the standstill seemed to be the same for most… Fear of failure! Stop Trying to Make Everything Perfect There’s nothing wrong with planning and making sure you ha ...

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  • My WordPress Malware Nightmare You Must Learn From

    No one enjoys reading about WordPress malware and security. And if you’re like I was, you skip over many security tips and warnings because you’ve never had major issues. Don’t be like me… Please. In addition to the plugin tech issues I was having with setting up my self-hosted course site, I was also very concerned about malware along the way.

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  • My Passive Income Obsession, Stalled Niche Idea & Word of The Year

    Haaaaaaaapy New Year!!! Hope you had a fabulous Holiday. Mine was filled with food, family, friends and fun! I went on an Internet detox after Thanksgiving and greatly limited the time I spent online in the last month of the year. It always feels very weird when you first disconnect because you feel like you’re missing out on so much, and I didn’t like not updating my blog for so long.

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  • Bloggers: Are You Violating Canva’s Terms Without Knowing It?

    Canva is, without a doubt, one of the best, free online image creation sites. They have tons of stock photos, shapes, beautiful fonts, and you can create very modern graphics for your site without any design experience. But do you fully understand their terms for commercial projects? Many people don’t, and I guarantee there are some using Canva images illegally without realizing it.

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  • Why You Should Simplify Your Homepage… Immediately

    Earlier versions of The 2 Create a Website homepage weren’t too inviting. Let me be blunt… Some of my homepage designs were a wreck — especially the first several years when only part of my site used WordPress. I recently gave my homepage a cleaner look thanks to the Visual Composer plugin, and my analytics tell me it was a good move.

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  • 5 Different Ways to Earn With Amazon

    It feels weird to launch a blog post on Tuesday instead of Monday, but I’m a day late because I HATE launching posts on Holidays. Anywho… let’s get to it. No doubt you know about Amazon’s affiliate program by now. It’s been coined “The Web’s #1 Affiliate Program” by many, but do you know about the other 4 ways you can make money on Amazon? In the video below, I go over all 5 ways.

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  • Your Traffic Struggles & My Candid Comments

    Your Traffic Struggles & My Candid Comments Filed Under: Build Traffic, New Leave a Comment I can’t believe I managed to pull myself away from the Olympic coverage long enough to get this post up. 🙂 I typically get into the Summer Olympics, but this year, I’ve found myself watching sports I’ve never given a second thought to like rugby and judo.

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  • Starting a Website in 2016 – A Guide for Beginners

    Starting a Website in 2016 – A Guide for Beginners Filed Under: Getting Started, Web Hosting Leave a Comment It’s long overdue for me to create an updated, introductory video about starting a website today. If you already have a website, you might be tempted to dismiss this post. Please don’t skip this — especially not the first video.

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  • Selling Video From WordPress & Lessons About Membership Sites

    If I were trying to accomplish what I’m doing with the new site ten years ago, it probably would have cost me in the upwards of 4 figures to set this all up. Just think… Before WordPress and other CMSs, you had to hire programmers to setup complex databases. Today, you can just choose a plugin that does what you want.

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  • My New Niche & What I’ll Do Differently

    Share Tweet +1 I could tell by a few comments on my last post that a few of your were worried. I think the word “messaging” scared people because it sounds unnatural, and you may have wondered what I meant by all that. I was vague because I wasn’t 100% sure how I would approach this (a new niche site or use this one), but I’ve made up my mind.

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  • Blogging is Dead? Oh Crap! Here We Go Again

    Over the past few months I’ve seen several posts about blogging being dead or dying. And I’m not talking about people who stopped blogging for other business/life priorities. I totally get and respect that. I’m referring to those who say people don’t read blogs anymore. Oh geez… here we go with the generalizations! That sort of reminds me of email marketing.

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  • Bye Udemy, Hello MemberMouse! – Taking My Site to The Next Level!

    What the heck has taken me so long to sell products from my own site? Honestly, it was FEAR — which created massive amounts of indecision, analysis paralysis and procrastination! The idea of being completely responsible for the orders, payments, etc. really did intimidate the crap out of me, but I’ve chosen a plugin (MemberMouse) that helped eliminate that fear because of th ...

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  • Create Beautiful WordPress Content With This Drag & Drop Tool

    Whoa… How did I not know about this plugin for over two years? I’ve tried many different drag and drop themes and/or visual editors/plugins, but I’ve never featured them here because they were either: Buggy Difficult to learn Design elements weren’t mobile friendly/responsive Well, I’ve finally found one that’s beginner-friendly and I feel confident recommending it.

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  • 6 Quick Fixes That Will Instantly Improve Your Blog

    Sometimes it’s the smallest changes that make the biggest differences. How many of these practices are you implementing on your blog right now? Is Your Site Fully Responsive? Just because you have a responsive theme, doesn’t mean every part of your site is mobile friendly. Look at the image below… This is an iPhone 6 screenshot from an article on my hair site.

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  • How to Build Traffic in a Crowded Blogosphere – Free Guide

    Share Tweet +1 Pin People often perceive traffic building as a one-size-fits-all process that everyone can follow and receive similar results. Sure, there are basic principles and guidelines you can follow such as… write great content develop social media strategies start a YouTube Channel But at the end of the day, traffic building is typically a unique journey for every person.

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  • 9 WordPress Tricks You’re Probably Not Using But Should

    Not only is this a quick & easy read, but I guarantee you’ll discover at least one trick that you’ll want to implement on your WordPress site. Insert a Link Shortcut Geez. How did I miss this shortcut for so long? The next time you add a link to a post or a page, highlight the text and hit Control – K (Command K on Macs) and the “Insert Link” box will appear like magic.

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