Lissa Duty

  • Put the Social in Social Media: Humanize Your Social Media

    Using social media to reach your customer and potential customer on a daily basis is imperative. However, brands often forget the most important facet of social media – SOCIAL! You wouldn’t walk into a party and say, “Buy my product, download my eBook, join my list,” so why are you doing it online? How to Put Social in Your Social Media Be real in what you post Post pictu ...

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  • 9 How To Tips for Real-Time Brand Management

    Brand management is not easy and real-time brand management is even more difficult. It is very important that you have systems, tools and people in place to help you. Before I get into the systems and tools, let’s talk about why this is important to your business success. Real-Time Brand Management All it takes is one unhappy customer that has minimal influence to create a ...

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  • You made the Inc 500 list!

    Seriously, you made our Incredible 500 list! When our CEO, Bernadette Coleman, made the announcement this morning that we made the Inc 500 for the third year in a row, I was beyond ecstatic, and sharing the word with all of you is my privilege. So are you wondering how you made the list just because we did? I created the Incredible 500 … because if you are reading this post, w ...

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  • Your LinkedIn Professional Network

    Your LinkedIn® Professional Networking: How to Connect, Optimize, and Implement for Success teaches you how to create top of mind awareness within your LinkedIn network through branding, optimizing your profile, and using search to grow your network. Co-Authored by Advice Interactive Group VP of Community Management, Lissa Duty and John Nosal.

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  • Bernadette Coleman Lands a Home Run at #DFWSEO!

    I was really excited to have the opportunity to hear Bernadette Coleman, Advice Interactive CEO, recently present at the DFW Interactive Marketing, Internet SEO & SEM Meetup. Bernadette started in this industry in 2006 as a consultant, just like me, and has accomplished great things. Her presentation focused on local SEO, social media and content. Attendees left with many great takeaways.

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