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  • Can Local Tech Make Dining Out ‘Seamless, Tailored & Magical’?

    Technology is slowly remaking the restaurant industry, reinventing long-established elements of the eating-out experience and making us reevaluate some of the customs associated with dining out. Nowait’s app originally was created to help diners avoid waiting for their table — but the app also gathers information (from reservations to meal service and more) that restaurant ma ...

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  • Moz CEO: Establishing Attribution Is About Building Businesses’ Trust

    Local business owners want to do everything they can to improve their online visibility, but they often face a daunting challenge of trying to figure out what methods actually work and which local marketing providers are most likely to be effective for them. That uneasiness with local products and a lack of common standards has created some distrust in the marketplace, accor ...

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  • Moving App Zootly Wants to Make Your Relocation On-Demand

    Have you ever been in a situation where you need something moved (like, right now), but don’t have a truck or the manpower to get the item from one location to the other? A new company is trying to take some lessons from the rise of Uber to take the challenge out of moving. Launched in 2015, the Zootly on-demand moving app connects anyone who needs a mover or delivery with a p ...

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  • UrbanSitter Leverages Online Connections to Bring Childcare Trust

    Who can you trust to babysit your 5-year-old? For parents, finding someone reliable and trustworthy can be quite daunting — and the quest for a babysitter can prompt outreach to friends, neighbors and co-workers in search of a credible referral. Urbansitter CEO Lynn Perkins has been grappling with these issues of trust and referral for the past five years as her company has ...

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  • Mono CEO: In Local Marketing, U.S. Is Maybe 5 Years Ahead of Europe

    Since its founding in 2007, Mono Solutions has been all about giving SMBs a complete package — from website building, to helping with online visibility, to engaging with customers, to doing business online. With the company’s recent launch of its new white-label site builder Mono V5, Street Fight recently caught up with the company’s CEO Louise Lachmann to talk about how Mono ...

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  • ShopKeep Working to Reduce SMBs’ Vulnerability to Credit Card Hacks

    Earlier this year several big box retailers were victim to hacks stealing credit card information from their customers. Today, they are plugging the hole on these vulnerabilities. But what about small businesses? How at risk are they and what can be done to protect both their business and their customers’ credit card information from hackers? Street Fight recently caught up w ...

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  • Juice Mobile CEO: Beacons Will Make Location ‘Honest’

    Late last year, ad network Juice Mobile spun off a separate company focused exclusively on beacons, and the internet of things. The idea was to create a large enough network of beacons to allow large brands to use their data to inform and measure mobile advertising in an accurate and scalable way.

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  • Brands Ignoring Local Search Are ‘Kicking Away’ the Opportunity Google Is Giving Them

    Last summer, Google released a significant change to its local search algorithm that aimed to improve the accuracy of location parameters in a search result. In the months since, the update, later dubbed Pigeon, appears to have shifted the balance of power in its results to favor larger-scale, branded search terms. The algorithm update comes at a complex moment in the local search industry.

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  • PlaceIQ Opens Up Mobile Advertising Data to Agencies

    For years, mobile advertising firms have pitched brands on the opportunity to target their customers in the real world. Now, PlaceIQ, a mobile advertising startup, wants to help marketers better understand that behavior before a campaign starts — and understand how it changes after it’s finished.

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  • Dstillery VP: Mobile is a ‘Programmatic-First’ Platform

    By the end of this year, mobile will likely account for over half of all spending on programmatic advertising, according to eMarketer, and programmatic buying already accounts for a quarter of all spending on mobile — nearly 50% more than on desktop. In many ways, mobile has always been a programmatic-first platform, says Lauren Moores, vice president of analytics at Dstillery.

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  • Big Possibilities for Brands With New Facebook Targeting Tool

    In October, Facebook launched a long-awaited feature for many small business marketers: the ability to reach people nearby. Now, along with small businesses taking advantage of the tool, big brands are finding ways to to leverage the new Facebook Local Awareness ads — and do so at scale. The tool allows small businesses to create ads to reach local audiences, opening up a who ...

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