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  • 7 Keys to Giving Effective Feedback to Creatives

    Producing great content can take a lot of work from everyone involved. From having the right talent on hand to communicating well throughout the process, there are a lot of things to get right. And in order to get the final creative you really want, giving effective feedback is crucial. According to an ANA survey, agencies and their clients are less than satisfied with how t ...

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  • Essential Roles for A Successful Content Marketing Machine

    Lizetta Staplefoote published on May 22, 2015 in Content Marketing The ideal content team should include the following roles to drive success and avoid forcing writers to be analysts or project mangers to become editors. Are these roles represented on your team? Mastermind To create the blueprint, you’ll need a strategic thinker to set content direction.

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  • Seven Essential Elements of an Email Nurture Campaign

    Lizetta Staplefoote published on May 18, 2015 in Content Marketing Spray and pray is not an email nurture campaign strategy. Yet, many businesses embark on nurture campaigns with the wrong messaging, dirty lists and no real strategy, resulting in lost time and money, poor results and possibly losing existing and potential customers due to over-messaging.

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  • 7 Questions Marketers Should Ask About Native Content

    With news outlets like Forbes, The Washington Post, and even the New York Times welcoming brand journalism with native advertising opportunities, marketers need to be careful that they aren’t misleading or blurring the lines between “real journalism” and straight advertising. To start, it’s important to understand the differences between sponsored content and native advertisi ...

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  • The Four Pieces of Your Social Media Pie

    Social media serves as an ideal platform for visual content – when meticulously executed. Before you jump in to or as you’re revamping your strategy, consider your social media activities in these four pieces: Platform – Start with legwork on the demographics of social networks. Much of this data is publicly available or easily attained by request.

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  • 5 Tips for Visual Social Media Content

    6 in 10 social media updates are images. 3 in 10 updates are videos. Your success at growing and maintaining an engaged, active audience relies on your ability to produce relevant, visual social media content. Some points to consider as you plan visual content for social media: Don’t think mobile, be mobile.

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  • 6 Best Practices For Visual Content Marketing

    Become storytellers: Modern marketing is less about selling and more about creating brand experiences fueled by brand storytelling. You only have about eight seconds to catch consumers’ attention. To make those seconds count, thoroughly investigate your customers. Some ways to do this: Start with exhaustive persona profiles to build buyer paths from high-level awareness do ...

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