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  • Marketing Automation Best Practices – Cracking The Code Of Marketing Automation

    In this episode of the Cracking the Code of ć series, Lon Safko talks about best practices for marketing automation. Before you jump into the latest episode, perhaps you’ll want to take a look at some of our previous ones. Check out these links below. Part 1: What is marketing automation? Part 2: Who is marketing automation for? Part 3: What are marketing automation workfl ...

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  • Getting To Know Email Marketing Automation [Webinar Recording]

    What is email marketing automation and who is it for? What are the legal requirements if you want to run an email marketing campaign? Our recent webinar guest, Lon Safko, gave us his answers and provided actionable tips on how to automate your communication, and sell more online. Why you need an Email Service Provider (ESP) Email, the original social media, can be a very effe ...

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  • Email Deliverability – Cracking The Code Of Marketing Automation

    In this podcast installment, Lon Safko talks about email deliverability, testing, and spam. If you’re struggling to get your messages through, this episode of Cracking the Code of Marketing Automation should make its way on to your playlist right away. You can watch the video or follow the transcript below.

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  • Cracking The Code Of Marketing Automation – Podcast With Lon Safko (Part 1)

    What is marketing automation? Who is it for? How can one use it? These are some of the topics we’ve talked about during our Cracking the Code of Marketing Automation podcast with Lon Safko. Lon Safko, an expert in Online Marketing and Social Media, decided to share some of his thoughts on the most important questions marketers ask themselves, when starting off with marketing automation.

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