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  • Insider’s Guide to an Outer Banks Vacation

    Most Southerners have never seen this incredible razor-thin line of sand drawn in the Atlantic. Bisected by a two-lane thread of asphalt, State 12, these islands are home to the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, 75 miles of protected coastline. Check out a few of the unique and exciting things you can do while on vacation in the Outer Banks! Driving the Beach You can drive on ma ...

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  • Tweets Will Show in Google Results Again…What Does This Mean For You?

    Twitter and Google have recently agreed to a new deal that will ultimately start showing real-time tweets in Google search results. This means big opportunities for both corporations, but how does this affect your company’s social media marketing? What Does It Mean For Marketers? This recent news is important for marketers because it urges you to take a better look at your twit ...

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  • 5 Ways Builders Can Reduce Email Unsubscribers

    Well-constructed email marketing campaigns are one of the best ways to stay in contact with potential home buyers. Email marketing can act as lead nurturing for home buyers who are still in the research phase of the buying cycle. However, people are bombarded with emails with every day, so your emails have to deliver high value content to ensure people remain subscribed to your email list.

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  • 6-Step Lead Gen Plan to Increase New Home Sales

    We’re already a month into the new year! Builders, how are your sales and marketing teams doing with their Q1 goals so far? If they need a pick-me-up, check out this step-by-step marketing strategy we have laid out for your marketing team in this guide. It will help you generate more qualified website leads that your marketing team can then hand off to your sales team! The st ...

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  • Choose Hot Real Estate Blog Topics by Using Free Analytics Tools

    It’s important to blog regularly and frequently, but constantly coming up with new real estate blog topics can be challenging. Next time you need to come up with topics, look to your marketing analytics tools for help. This is a strategy many overlook, but if you regularly check out the data in free analytics programs like Google Analytics and Facebook Insights, you’ll be able ...

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  • How to Increase Real Estate Leads with Pinterest

    80% of Pinterest users are women, and the majority of them are members of a household with a combined annual income of $100,000 or more. Sounds like just the type of people you want to target, right? Combine that with the fact that Pinterest is used as a great place to get ideas for your dream home, and you’ve got an ideal marketing channel for real estate companies! With the r ...

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  • 5 Marketing Metrics All Brokers-In-Charge Should Monitor

    As the broker-in-charge of your real estate company, you are likely responsible for managing a marketing staff and ensuring a marketing budget is spent in a way that generates leads and transactions. In order to carry out these responsibilities, you need reports on marketing metrics. But which marketing metrics should you ask your marketing staff to report? Conversion rates fro ...

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  • Top 5 Vacation Rental Marketing Blog Posts of 2014 by Paveya

    Paveya’s top five most viewed vacation rental marketing blog posts of 2014 had one big thing in common: they were packed full of social media marketing tips and strategies! Looks like vacation rental managers were very interested in converting their social audience into new bookings this year! Check out each of Paveya’s top five vacation rental marketing blog posts of 2014 below! 1.

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  • 4 Ways to Use December Downtime to Get Ahead with Marketing

    Today marks the beginning of that December office quiet time: the week of Christmas and the week after Christmas when clients and colleagues are likely on vacation and not clamoring for your attention. If your office is as peaceful as the one pictured here right now, check out these suggestions for using this quiet time to get a head start on marketing for 2015! Review Analytic ...

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  • Why Home Builders Should Embrace Blogging

    More home builders are integrating blogging into their internet marketing strategy than ever. Builders are recognizing the many benefits blogging has for your website, leads and home sales. Not using blogging effectively or not blogging at all? Here are some of the many reasons why your home building company should be embracing blogging! Improves Search Engine Optimization Cont ...

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  • How to Start Planning 2015 Marketing Goals

    It’s that time of year – the time when you evaluate how well your business has done this year and plan how you’re going to top it next year. Evaluating progress and setting new marketing goals is crucial to determining the ROI of your marketing dollars, but it can be a daunting task. If you don’t know where to start, begin by thinking about the questions below.

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  • 8 Tips to Fully Experience VRMA 2014 in San Diego

    Are you attending the VRMA 2014 Annual Conference in San Diego next week (Oct 26 – 29)? It’s sure to be a great event that offers a lot to learn! Plus, the gorgeous SoCal weather is expected to be in the mid-70s with little to no chance of rain! Check out these tips to ensure you get everything you can out of the event – including networking advice and info on where to eat and sites to see in Sa.

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  • How to Increase Leads that Lead to Sales for Home Builders

    Generating qualified leads is one of the biggest challenges for home builders. Some of today’s popular lead generation techniques include pay-per-click advertising or buying lead lists, email lists, and direct mail lists. Unfortunately, each of these techniques has significant downsides. Leads from these techniques are usually not highly qualified, resulting in wasted time by sales professionals.

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  • Sell More Homes by Being the Obvious Home Building Expert

    If you were known as the ultimate home building expert in your region, wouldn’t you have an advantage over your competition? Of course you would. What home buyer wouldn’t be interested in choosing the ultimate expert to build their home? Inbound marketing provides the perfect way to establish yourself as the ultimate home building expert in your area.

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  • When Should a Builder Consult an Internet Marketing Agency?

    How do you know when it’s time to hire an internet marketing agency? Consulting an agency that specializes in the home building industry can save you time and help increase your qualified leads, but how do you know you’re ready for that step? Here are three important questions to ask yourself when considering whether to hire an agency. 1.

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