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  • 21 Of The Best Phone Apps For Bloggers

    You have found 21 of the best and smartest Phone Apps For Bloggers. Apps that allow bloggers to blog more often, write better and track their website and social media success. Apps that help bloggers to manage their time better and get more done! With technology changing, it is sometimes tough to keep up with all the new apps.

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  • A True Story of a Computer Scam and How to Avoid It Happening to You

    The Wonder of Tech is honored to welcome Lorraine Reguly as a guest author. Lorraine is a Wonder of Tech reader and fellow blogger who fell victim to a computer scam. She graciously shares her story with us and offers advice on how you can prevent this computer scam happening to you. “It’ll never happen to me!” “I’m too smart to fall for a scam!” These are a couple of the th ...

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