Louis Venter

  • A Change in Domain Internationalisation Strategy

    Last year one of my biggest clients decided to re-platform, which was both exciting and bit scary. The reason it was scary was that we decided to migrate the internationalisation of the website from 114 subdomains to a subfolder strategy to consolidate the link equity under a single site. This scale of redirection was more than a little daunting and I would like to share the a ...

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  • Attribution: What’s available in GA and which should you use?

    One of the most difficult questions to answer is “Where should I move my budget to get maximum return?” Typically, this results in a scurry off to analytics to pull out the top revenue earners. This can also result in a very lopsided view though, without a proper look at the attribution mix. This is because Google’s default is last click which gives you a very skewed outlook o ...

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