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  • ‘The conversation moved on’: Time-based ad sales hit a wall

    The brand-safety crisis this year has had a number of casualties, from news publishers to content creators who tackle delicate subjects. It may be time to add time-based sales to that list. A couple years ago, a handful of publishers started pushing the idea of selling ads based on readers’ time rather than impressions as a way of addressing the problem of ads going unseen and ...

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  • USA Today offer: Pay for an ad-free version of its app

    USA Today has quietly launched an ad-free version for users of its mobile apps who don’t want to see ads. The offering costs $2.99 a month after a free two-week trial and is part of a larger effort to grow consumer revenue at USA Today and Gannett’s other 109 local newspapers to offset declining print ad revenue.

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  • As Facebook Live video dreams fade, publishers look again to Twitter

    Some publishers have been disappointed with Facebook Live video, but they are hopeful as Twitter embraces the format. Twitter has been getting into live video in a big way. It’s already live streamed events and announced a streaming video service with Bloomberg Media, in addition to other live news, sports and entertainment programs from content creators including BuzzFeed, Vo ...

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  • Now Google is in the spotlight for Russian propaganda ads

    The Digiday Agency Summit is coming up and we just opened up a few complimentary spots for qualified agency execs to attend. Want to join us? Apply here. The Russian meddling in the 2016 election that caught up Facebook has now ensnared the world’s biggest ad business, Google. The ad giant is looking at several thousands of dollars that Russian agents spent on its search ads a ...

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  • With Facebook’s focus on video, publishers hear less about Instant Articles

    Facebook’s obsession with figuring out how to make money from video has some publishers wondering what’s happening with its other recent big initiative, Facebook Instant Articles. But Facebook is about to test some new features to address publisher objections with Instant Articles. Since Facebook launched the fast-loading mobile articles feature in 2015, it’s been a lightning rod.

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  • How Vice works around brand-safety issues on its site

    A publisher of edgy content like Vice Media is no stranger to advertisers avoiding its news coverage — a situation that escalated with the YouTube brand-safety crisis earlier this year. “The brand-safety conversation isn’t anything new for us,” said Andrew Smith, svp of advertising product and solutions for Vice Media. “News is a tough one because a lot of brands have an across-the-board block.

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  • Advertising Week Briefing: Media’s got a trust problem

    You can exhale now. Another Advertising Week has come and gone. Read on for what you might have missed, plus our awards for the best and worst of what we saw and heard this week. Trust fail When it comes to integrity and transparency, there is still widespread distrust across the entire ad supply chain.

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  • Pivoting-to-video publishers face a big monetization gap

    Publishers are pivoting to video, hoping it’ll pay off in ad dollars. But despite the big view numbers they’re generating, the revenue is often a mirage. The majority of those views take place off those publishers’ own platforms and occur on platforms that have tons more scale (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) and have optimized themselves around video.

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  • How Amazon could become an entertainment powerhouse

    The list of industries trembling at the thought of Amazon turning its sights on them is not short. One juicy target: Hollywood. Amazon already has a foothold in entertainment. After all, Amazon Prime Video already reaches roughly 18 percent of U.S. households. Amazon chief Jeff Bezos is poised to spend $4.5 billion on video content in 2017, nearly double what it spent the year before.

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  • Digiday magazine: Big ideas poised to upend media and marketing

    At Digiday, we report on and examine the big and small ways media and marketing companies are modernizing. For this, our Big Ideas issue, we decided to dream big and identify the big ideas that could fundamentally alter media and marketing — for better or for worse. In some cases, we looked at the ideas and people tackling big problems in the digital media ecosystem.

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  • Publishers continue to see monetization problems with Apple News

    Apple’s Safari update that limits ad trackers isn’t the only sign of the company’s disdain toward advertising. In January, after all but giving up on selling ads itself, the tech giant started having NBCUniversal sell ads in Apple News, Apple’s news aggregation app. Nine months later, the deal has borne little fruit, according to publishers and sources close to them.

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  • Facebook gives, but continues to take more from publishers

    For all the steps Facebook has taken to support publishers, two new reports offer a stark reminder of who’s really in charge. data shows that across its 2,500-site network, Facebook declined as a source of referral traffic to publishers, with Google surpassing the social network to become the biggest referrer.

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