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  • Inside Trinity Mirror’s data-visualization unit

    Trinity Mirror’s 10-person data-visualization unit wants to use cool graphics to get people interested in serious issues like crime, drugs and alcohol, and health issues. The centralized group of graphic designers, videographers, coders and data reporters provides the company’s hundreds of regional titles and nationals like The Mirror with interactive visualizations that dive into the data.

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  • Publishers are using Medium to entice readers and try new types of content

    When Washington Post writer Geoff Edgers wrote an article about tracking down a lost violin in March this year, he took to Medium, home to long-form essays and think pieces, to explain the reporting process behind the final feature. While the Post article was the finished product, the Medium article outlined Edgers’ first tip-off, the 75 interviews he conducted and how he unco ...

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  • ‘You need us’: UK PR pros give tough love to reporters

    The relationship between public relations and journalists can be a fraught one: Sometimes their interests align, and sometimes they’re diametrically opposed. Earlier this year, we heard some of the gripes from the PR-media divide in the U.S. Now we’ve gathered what really gets under the skin of PRs in the U.K. when working with reporters. Don’t worry journalists, you’ll get your repsonse soon.

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  • How publishers are using mobile notifications in 5 charts

    Publishers are competing for eyeballs on mobile lock screens. Mobile notifications, despite having been around for years, are looking more interesting thanks to granular targeting — by location, for example — and more rich-media functions, like video alerts. “It is likely that the Android and Apple notification platforms will be every bit as important for the news industry as ...

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  • How eSports are pioneering new media models

    ESports has suddenly become a $1 billion global industry. As media casts about for sustainable business models, it could do worse than to take a few lessons from how eSports is developing flexible business models that combine sponsorships and advertising with subscriptions and micro-transactions ESports is expected to have 260 million viewers in 2017.

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  • ‘Beware of the shiny new thing’: Common content-marketing pitfalls

    With content marketing, brands are in danger of creating messaging that, rather than satisfying their audience, just adds to the noise. Agencies are facing competition from management consultancies, publishers and others who are also producing creative. Digiday gathered together a top brands, publishers and agencies creating content marketing for a one-day event in London Tues ...

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  • Niche French art site Fubiz eyes international expansion on the strength of its video

    In the last year Fubiz has grown from niche French design blog to serious international contender on the back of its embrace of video. The Fubiz team of 10 aggregate the latest news on art, design, photography and pop-culture, publishing 45 pieces a day to its site, in French and English, from the hundreds of submissions it get from around the world, whether it’s someone point ...

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  • UK digital audio landscape: ‘Audio is the new video’

    U.K. publishers are all ears when it comes to audio. News Corp completed the acquisition of Wireless Group in September for £220 million ($273 million), Monocle made early bets in this space, launching a 24-hour digital radio station in 2011, and more recently Bloomberg’s digital radio launched in London in October.

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  • Eight months after axing TV channel, BBC Three sees programming bright spots

    In February, the BBC made the decision to take youth-focused channel BBC Three off TV and online only. The move was a cost-cutting measure saving the corporation £30 million ($44 million) in TV transmission costs. BBC Three’s budget was also cut in half to £30 million. There have been a few bright spots: Long-form TV drama “Thirteen” was the most requested show on BBC iPlayer, ...

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  • With its own election looming, France sees an influx of US publishers

    In the last 12 months, American publishers, including Mashable, Business Insider and, as of last week, Forbes, have set their sights on France as its latest region for international expansion. “Western Europe has traditionally been more difficult to enter due to entrenched local competition,” said Mike Federle, president and COO of Forbes Media. “The internet changes that somewhat.

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  • German tabloid Bild’s ad cleanup cuts ad space by 20 percent

    At the beginning of September, Axel Springer tabloid Bild cut up to 20 percent of its more aggressive ads from article pages, including pop-unders, video and in-text overlays from its site. According to the publisher, the aim of its ad-quality initiative is threefold: to reduce the volume of ads, to cut out all intrusive ads to and introduce other custom formats.

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  • All eyes on America, The Independent plans to double U.S. edit staff

    For the first month, more traffic is coming to The Independent from the U.S. than the U.K., according to the publisher’s analytics figures. Previously, readers were split into roughly a third from the U.K., a third from the U.S., and a third from the rest of the world. Of course, the election has been a big driver in this. Social analytics firm Newswhip found that The Independent was the only U.

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  • How publishers are using Slack bots internally and externally

    Bots, in some form or another, have been a part of Slack’s offering since it launched in 2013. The communications tools now has 4 million daily active users, up from 2.3 million in April, and companies are getting more experimental with the bots they build. Slack itself comes with Slackbot, a built-in personal assistant that can perform simple question-and-answer tasks that ca ...

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  • 4 charts: How Scandinavian publishers perform on Facebook

    Digital-first media companies may be more likely to thrive on Facebook than stodgy older publishers, but in Scandinavia, legacy media companies are holding their own on the platform. Recent data from Newswhip analyzes the total Facebook engagements — likes, comments and shares — on top publishers’ web-based content from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland during September.

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  • How UK publishers are covering the US election

    As the U.S. political race draws to a climactic close, even publishers in the U.K. are capitalizing on reader interest to try new products and gain new audiences. While the unpredictable nature of the campaign run has meant booming traffic figures for publishers — many will continue live blogging, interactive graphics and social media updates over the next few days — the elect ...

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  • The difficulty of driving subscriptions through Apple News

    Since September, publishers including The Wall Street Journal, the Economist, National Geographic and the Radio Times have been using Apple News’ subscribe feature. The service lets publishers sell subscriptions from within Apple News, with Apple taking a 30 percent cut of subscriptions it drives. Before the service, Apple frustrated publishers by driving traffic but not much i ...

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