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  • Bleacher Report is growing in the UK in large part thanks to Instagram

    Bleacher Report is growing its U.K. presence on the back of its popular Bleacher Report Football Instagram account. Bleacher Report Football, which has 667,000 followers, published 894 photos and videos on Instagram in April, according to NewsWhip data. In total, these generated 10.4 million engagements, a catch-all term NewsWhip uses for likes and comments.

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  • The Guardian remains committed to VR, despite limited commercial opportunities

    The Guardian is remaining committed to virtual reality even though it’s unclear when it will become a moneymaker. At the beginning of October, the publisher — which has experimented with VR for over a year — brought its nine different VR experiences into its Guardian VR app and sent out 100,000 Google Cardboard headsets to make its VR content more accessible.

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  • How News UK’s branded-content shop shows how ads work

    News UK is taking inspiration from agencies on how to create branded content. In the last year, the publisher’s branded-content arm, Bridge Studio, has worked closely with agencies to build a framework around how it creates content. Most publishers’ branded-content arms think audience first, rather than through the lens of their own brands.

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  • Quartz adds augmented reality to its app, now with 780k downloads

    Quartz is finding there’s reader appetite for augmented reality. In the week following Apple’s Sept. 19 iOS 11 update that included augmented reality capabilities, the Quartz app was downloaded 10,000 times, according to the publisher, which claims a total of nearly 780,000 app downloads across devices.

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  • Why Swedish publisher Nyheter24-Gruppen is creating its own beauty products

    Swedish media group Nyheter24-Gruppen has gone a step further than other e-commerce-hungry publishers by building Urban Gloss, its own beauty brand and range of products. Since August, Urban Gloss has sold six beauty products, including night cream and face serum, priced between 80 Swedish krona ($10) and 350 Swedish krona ($43).

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  • Why The Telegraph, Axel Springer and Trinity Mirror aren’t pivoting to video

    The pivot to video is not on everyone’s agenda. News publishers Trinity Mirror, The Telegraph and Axel Springer are refraining from making any drastic changes in strategy that would prioritize video over other formats. “Video is part of the business, but two-thirds of our revenue is print,” said Swen Büttner, head of video marketing at Axel Springer’s sales house Media Impact.

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  • Why the Financial Times is converting text articles to audio

    FT Labs — the publisher’s four-person experimental unit — has been converting its text articles into audio to figure out its readers’ appetite for listening to articles. The publisher has been using Amazon Polly to convert the text articles into audio, read by artificial voice named Amy. Written articles take between one and three seconds to convert into audio.

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  • Bauer Media tries to prove its ads work using shoppable videos

    Bauer Media is trying to show its ads can drive sales with shoppable videos for clients such as Adidas and Very. This month, Bauer launched a two-month campaign for online fashion retailer Very that included 25 videos where viewers choose which items they want stylists in the video to wear. The first in the series shows different ways to wear a leather jacket: Viewers choose w ...

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  • ‘The model is working’: Inside CNBC International’s full-service agency

    CNBC International is the latest example of a publisher leaning into the agency world. Eighteen months ago, the publisher launched CNBC Catalyst, its in-house agency. Since then, CNBC has won back HSBC and ExxonMobil’s business from competitors and attracted new brands such as Schneider Electric and Huawei and grown revenue in the double digits year over year, according to the ...

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  • How Le Figaro gets people to spend 15 minutes watching live video

    French newspaper Le Figaro is getting people to spend more time watching its live videos by adding interactive features. The right-leaning daily rebooted its video player and has been running most of its videos on the new player since September, including about 60 hours of live video a month. With the new player, viewers can comment (after logging in on Facebook), and post rea ...

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  • How MailOnline is building an insights business

    MailOnline is joining the ranks of a growing number of publishers keen to deepen partnerships with brands and agencies by offering more strategic — and valuable — services. The publisher has started offering key clients access to its live on-site surveying tool, Pulse, to help them make more sense of its digital audience of 29 million monthly uniques in the U.K. (over half of the U.K.

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  • The Times of London takes its fashion videos from behind the pay wall

    The Times of London has a loyal subscriber base, but for luxury advertisers hungry for video, paywalls are limiting. Since Sept. 17, Style, the Times’ weekly print fashion supplement, has published daily videos in front of its paywall to build its audience and give advertisers a way to reach the audience every day, rather than weekly in print.

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  • Future Publishing’s tech brand T3 relaunches with e-commerce focus

    E-commerce has increased its share of Future Publishing’s revenue, and the company is now confident it can turbocharge growth by repositioning its technology brand T3 as a pure e-commerce play. As part of this, it’s expanding the brand’s content to cover men’s lifestyle verticals, including fashion, travel, culture and fitness.

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  • Ladbible tries to assure brand-safety conscious advertisers

    Ladbible’s content is not for everyone. It doesn’t take long on the site to find content like a viral photo of a footballer’s bald patch resembling a penis right next to “Tinder Poo Date Girls Speaks Out and Gives Herself a New Nickname.” Might not be the type of fare a straitlaced brand would find, well, problematic. To allay such concerns.

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  • The Independent and Evening Standard are doubling their video team to 50

    After shuttering its print paper in March 2016, The Independent is profitable again and can spend more on what its audience wants — and that’s video. Over the next six months, ESI Media, the parent company of The Independent and the Evening Standard, plans to double its video team to 50. Each title currently has a team of 10 video specialists, and a central team of five works ...

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  • How Bauer Media’s auto sites grew e-commerce revenue by 10 percent

    Bauer Media has run classified ads for cars on its digital auto sites for about a decade, taking a modest cut of the sales. In the last year, it’s switched gears to keep up with growing competition, adding more tools that generate useful data and adapting the way its editorial team communicates to audiences.

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  • BBC is making a drama for Amazon Echo and Google Home

    Media companies have mostly used voice-activated devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home to deliver news headlines. The BBC’s research and development lab is trying to make stories people can interact with. One result of this is “The Inspection Chamber,” a Kafkaesque audio drama developed over the last nine months with production company Rosina Sound.

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