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  • Publishers see short-form video views on Facebook cut in half

    Publishers are finding short-form video viewing figures on Facebook have plummeted as more content creators battle for space in the news feed. Six months ago a well-performing video from The Sun would fetch 250,000 views; now it’s lucky to get over 100,000. In 2016, The Telegraph was getting over 10 million Facebook views a week for 70 videos; now it’s under 5 million.

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  • How Global Radio is using new ad formats to get audio on the media plan

    In the U.K., digital audio now has the scale for advertisers to take it seriously: 22 million listeners each week, according to the most recent numbers from Radio Joint Audience Research, a figure expected to exceed 30 million by 2020. At the same time, buying digital audio has become more simple. Now, Global Radio, which owns stations like Capital, Heart and Classic FM, is tac ...

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  • ‘The buzzword is “access”‘: Why Time Inc UK is investing in TV

    Time Inc. is setting its sights on TV in the U.K. The publisher’s U.K. TV division, which launched in December, is made up of a core team of three, all with TV background and expertise. It has also built up 20 in-house video producers over the past four years working on its digital video, which are often short-form and social-friendly.

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  • The state of video ad viewability in 5 charts

    Few things cause more headaches than something as seemingly simple as defining when a video is viewed. But here we are: The Media Ratings Council defines a viewable video impression as 50 percent of an ad’s pixels in view for a minimum of two seconds. GroupM’s more stringent standard is 100 percent of the player is in view, half of the ad with the sound on.

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  • How The Economist is getting more reach for VR content

    Virtual reality has the attention of big-name publishers, but right now it suffers from a reach problem. For that reason, they’re taking a promiscuous approach to distribution, spreading their VR pieces on platforms far and wide. Take The Economist. It has produced three VR pieces to date that are available through The Economist’s VR app, the Samsung Gear VR, YouTube 360, Face ...

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  • How Sky Sports doubled its Snapchat Discover viewers

    Swiping up shows the video highlights in widescreen. In the last six months, the average number of unique daily viewers to Sky Sports Snapchat Discover edition has doubled, thanks in large part to it broadcasting Premier League football goals. Sky Sports has been a Discover partner for the last 18 months.

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  • Why The Telegraph is now streaming TV shows

    Keen that people watch video on its own platform, The Telegraph is now getting viewers to stick around longer by streaming TV shows. The Telegraph Now Showing, a joint venture with content producer Endemol Shine Group, features eight different shows, including documentary “Miracle of the Hudson Plane Crash,” actress Joanna Lumley’s travelogue documentaries, and BBC series “The ...

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  • News UK plans to double podcast output next year

    News UK, publisher of The Sun and The Times, is launching more podcasts around specific verticals in order to attract advertisers. According to the publisher, it plans to nearly double its output, from six to 10, covering new verticals, including gardening and technology. One of its most successful podcasts is The Game, The Times’ football-focused podcast, with 80,000 download ...

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  • Inside Trinity Mirror’s data-visualization unit

    Trinity Mirror’s 10-person data-visualization unit wants to use cool graphics to get people interested in serious issues like crime, drugs and alcohol, and health issues. The centralized group of graphic designers, videographers, coders and data reporters provides the company’s hundreds of regional titles and nationals like The Mirror with interactive visualizations that dive into the data.

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  • Publishers are using Medium to entice readers and try new types of content

    When Washington Post writer Geoff Edgers wrote an article about tracking down a lost violin in March this year, he took to Medium, home to long-form essays and think pieces, to explain the reporting process behind the final feature. While the Post article was the finished product, the Medium article outlined Edgers’ first tip-off, the 75 interviews he conducted and how he unco ...

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  • ‘You need us’: UK PR pros give tough love to reporters

    The relationship between public relations and journalists can be a fraught one: Sometimes their interests align, and sometimes they’re diametrically opposed. Earlier this year, we heard some of the gripes from the PR-media divide in the U.S. Now we’ve gathered what really gets under the skin of PRs in the U.K. when working with reporters. Don’t worry journalists, you’ll get your repsonse soon.

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  • How publishers are using mobile notifications in 5 charts

    Publishers are competing for eyeballs on mobile lock screens. Mobile notifications, despite having been around for years, are looking more interesting thanks to granular targeting — by location, for example — and more rich-media functions, like video alerts. “It is likely that the Android and Apple notification platforms will be every bit as important for the news industry as ...

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  • How eSports are pioneering new media models

    ESports has suddenly become a $1 billion global industry. As media casts about for sustainable business models, it could do worse than to take a few lessons from how eSports is developing flexible business models that combine sponsorships and advertising with subscriptions and micro-transactions ESports is expected to have 260 million viewers in 2017.

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