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  • Inside the Daily Mail’s shift to video

    The Daily Mail, like many publishers reliant on display ads, has been shifting quickly to video. The news and entertainment publisher has managed to double its video views on its site over the past year, mostly this is through licensing video content. For instance, this article about a great white shark heading for a surfer in Australia has the video embedded at the top, fol ...

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  • Google AMP is now half of Swiss publisher Blick’s mobile traffic

    Swiss tabloid Blick is bullish on Google’s hosted mobile webpages initiative, known as AMP. For the last four months, the publisher has been formatting content from its news, sports and entertainment verticals for the search engine’s faster-loading-page initiative. It’s having the desired effect: Blick’s AMP pages load in 168 milliseconds, whereas on Blick’s mobile site, the a ...

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  • Cost, distribution, localization: Where European publishers struggle with video

    For publishers creating more video content than ever before, the choices before them can be paralyzing. Publishers have no shortage of headaches: figuring out the dizzying array of platforms, determining how long the content should be, and making do with a lack of unified measurement. While some have managed to scale digital video easily enough, wringing ad dollars out of thos ...

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  • Dazed plans three more verticals from Instagram insight

    Dazed, the youth fashion and culture magazine, is launching three new verticals in the coming months: Dazed News, Dazed Beauty and one focussed on streetwear, after seeing what content is flying on Instagram. The Dazed Group, which publishes Dazed, female luxury title AnOther, and male luxury title AnOther Man, already has five Instagram accounts across the titles.

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  • Ad blocking is now a chronic but manageable condition

    Ad blocking, which was once treated as a mortal threat to publishers, has now become a chronic condition: They might die with it, but they’re more likely to have been killed by other causes. The good news: ad blocking rates appear to have flattened — and crucially haven’t yet made the leap to mobile, where most traffic growth is happening.

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  • How Norwegian daily Aftenposten doubled digital subscribers in a year

    Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten is the latest publisher to see the value in loyal subscribers over indiscriminate reach: Over the past year alone, it doubled paying readers from 32,000 to 70,000. “There’s been a shift in mentality from views, reach and page impressions to how many subscribers we have and how we can make them happy,” Tor Jacobsen, chief commercial officer at pa ...

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  • Axel Springer mobile news app Upday plots European expansion

    Upday, the news aggregator platform and subsidiary of Axel Springer, plans to be in 16 regions across Europe by the end of June, doubling its editorial staff from 25 to 50. According to figures from the company, Upday is the second-most popular news app across Android and iOS, behind BBC News in the U.K. (which has nearly 10 million unique users to its app). Upday says it has 8.

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  • Demographic divides: The global state of fake news in 5 charts

    Fake news and the spread of misinformation isn’t going anywhere. And according to recent research from broadcaster Channel 4, Brits are very bad at spotting it. Channel 4 and YouGov surveyed 1,600 people showing them six individual story headlines. Of these, three were true, and three were fake. These included “Tourist bitten by massive crocodile after trying to take a selfie” ...

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  • Le Figaro plans to double its live stream video output in election run-up

    French newspaper Le Figaro plans to double its live streaming output leading up to France’s elections in April and May, producing eight hours of video each day. “We don’t want to be a news TV channel,” said Bertrand Gié, head of digital at Le Figaro. “There are plenty of good news TV channels like CNN and BBC that are doing good online video, and we don’t have the resources for that.

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  • The state of voice-activated platforms in 4 charts

    Voice is hot right now. In 2017, voice-platform analytics company VoiceLabs predicts that 24.5 million devices, like Amazon’s Echo or Google Home, will be shipped globally, for a total of about 33 million. Brands like Patrón and Dominos have jumped on the platform, and publishers are also trying to figure out the space. Alexa has now been available in the U.K. and Germany since September.

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  • From stuffed foods to nostalgic dishes: Tastemade opens its UK studio

    Tastemade opened the doors to its U.K. production studio this week, giving its six full-time staff a more permanent space to create food content with consistency. The food and travel production company has made a name for itself by growing large audiences through original video across nine or so platforms. As it has been shooting video in the U.K.

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  • How Spanish newspaper El Pais is tackling fake news

    When reports spread on Jan. 22 that footballer Cristiano Ronaldo injured his hand and had to abandon his Lamborghini, Spanish newspaper El País’ first call was to the police. When they couldn’t confirm the story, and it later surfaced that the car belonged to someone else, the Spanish newspaper debunked the false claim.

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  • Quartz plans to double sales team in the UK to 20

    Quartz prides itself on being a global brand, but there comes to a point when local sales shops are needed. In London, it plans to increase the European sales team from 11 to 20 in the next year, hiring a mix of designers, branded-content specialists, researchers and project managers. Previously, most of the work with advertisers — Quartz offers custom ads, which for the most ...

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  • Scale and agility: Inside Scandinavian publisher Schibsted’s 250-person product team

    It’s a tough time for news publishers: The pace of innovation within digital is staggering, and no one can really compete with Facebook and Google for attention. That’s why Scandinavian publishing giant Schibsted has been centralizing its product team over the last year. The 250 developers originally spread out across several dozen publishing brands now report into global prod ...

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  • How the Financial Times keeps up editorial experimentation

    All publications are under the gun, and the first things to get cut are usually experimental. To help guard against that, the FT last year brought on a “special projects” editor, Robin Kwong, charged with leading temporary experiments that don’t always lead to a permanent product. These experiments include everything from posting original content native to Facebook to live str ...

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  • Looking for reach, The Sun fully embraces Instant Articles

    A priority for The Sun has been building up its presence on social platforms and online after dropping its 2-year-old paywall in November 2015. As such, the News UK tabloid has only been on Facebook Instant Articles since the beginning of December, but engagement has been “healthy”: It’s seen double-digit growth in the number of visitors and pageviews consumed within Instant A ...

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